Modern Warfare 2 - PC

Also known as: 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2', 'Modern Warfare 2 Classics', 'Modern Warfare 2: Hardened Edition', 'Modern Warfare 2: NVG Edition', 'Modern Warfare 2: Platinum', 'Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition'
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Combat Game: Infantry

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Caught on Film: Call of Duty Ghosts - Cut'n'Paste-Scene News

Isn't it time we all admitted that single-player is not important in CoD?

06 Nov 2013

GTA V is Amazon's Fastest-Selling Game Ever, Plus Top 10 Bestsellers Listed News

Call of Duty dominates bestseller list

14 Oct 2013

Ex-Activision PR Boss Found Guilty of Call of Duty Fraud News

£19,000 of company money spent on personal and luxury item in company fraud

22 Apr 2013

Call of Duty Map Edited After Religious Backlash News

Arabic text forces image change on Favela map.

23 Oct 2012

West, Zampella Settle with Activision in Modern Warfare Lawsuit News

Details strictly confidential.

01 Jun 2012

Activision Awards $42m to Former Infinity Ward Heads News

But trail still going ahead.

16 May 2012

Date Set For Infinity Ward Court Hearing News

West and Zampella get their day in the sunshine

12 Sep 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Rumour Mill Goes Into Overdrive News

Blockbuster sequel to be announced on May 23?

12 May 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Release Date Suggested News

Shadow of the Project Colossus.

09 May 2011

Channel 5 Defends "Brain-Dead Computer Nerds" Debate News

The Wright Stuff under fire.

09 May 2011

Gamers' Voice: Open Letter to Channel 5 Detailed News

Gamers get together for good

19 Apr 2011

Big Fat Rumour: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal 3 For April News

Sequel will feature Ghost

29 Mar 2011

Modern Warfare 2 Finally Getting Security Patch News

No date yet though.

15 Feb 2011

Call of Duty Linked to RussianTerrorist Outrage News

Reality bites hard

26 Jan 2011

Activision Accuses EA of Call of Duty Map Pack Foul Play News

Activision calls out EA

21 Jan 2011

West and Zampella's Call of Financial Hardship in Activision Trial News

Times are hard for the former Infinity Ward heads.

05 Jan 2011

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: May Feature

EA, Respawns and Invisibility.

27 Dec 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: April Feature

Souls, hacks and super-sizing.

26 Dec 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: March Feature

Kratos, Touchdowns and T-Bagging.

25 Dec 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year 2010: February Feature

We tackle an avalanche of games news and events.

24 Dec 2010

Kotick: Treyarch Doesn't Get Enough Credit for Call of Duty News

'Second' CoD studio was actually behind multiplayer side.

23 Dec 2010

EA: Activision's Lawsuit "A PR Play Filled With Pettiness" News

Doesn't like being accused much.

22 Dec 2010

Activision Adds EA to Infinity Ward Lawsuit, Seeks $400m News

Alleges EA interfered with contracts.

22 Dec 2010

Police Arrest Teen Over Call of Duty DDoS Attack News

Activision reported the goof to the Cyber Police.

09 Dec 2010

Black Ops Beats Modern Warfare 2 Pre-Order Record News

On track to smash previous sales records.

08 Oct 2010

Japan Video Game Chart: Monster Hunter is Purrfect! News

Capcom's spinoff RPG stays at the top.

13 Sep 2010

UK Software Charts: Woody Keeps It Up News

Toy Story maintains its #1 position.

16 Aug 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Toy Story Kicks Starcraft II's Nuts News

As does Call of Duty and Dance on Broadway

09 Aug 2010

UK Games Charts: Starcraft II the Very Top News

Long-awaited sequel flies straight to #1.

02 Aug 2010

Valve: Sorry We Banned You Modern Warfare 2 Players News

What's with this making a mistake and admitting to it and fixing it?

27 Jul 2010

Activision: Call of Duty Subs Fees Video - a Glitch News

Apparent video showcasing subscription is an Xbox Live glitch.

20 Jul 2010

UK Game Software Charts: Broadway Comes to Pacific City News

Crackdown 2 still #1 though.

19 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: Crackdown Brings The Smackdown News

Super Mario Galaxy suffers as a result.

12 Jul 2010

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack Press Release

Availability for Playstation 3 System and Windows PC

06 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: Expelliarmus! News

Harry Potter takes the lead for a second week.

05 Jul 2010

Activision To Prepare Its Own 'Xbox Live' For PCs News

Needs to get more PCs hooked up to TVs first.

05 Jul 2010

UK Charts - Red Deadened by Harry Potter News

Singularity fails to crack Top 10

28 Jun 2010

EA: Call of Duty Influenced New Medal of Honour News

Plus: West and Zampella dispute with Activision was EA's gain.

22 Jun 2010

Activision: Call of Duty Players "Clamouring" For MMO News

CEO hopes that a subscription-based model can be added.

21 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Mario Can't Leap Over Marston News

Solid Snake doesn't reach the Top 10.

21 Jun 2010

UK Charts: Red Dead Holds Off Mario Galaxy 2 News

Shocking news for the perfect game

14 Jun 2010

UK Charts - Week 22 - Red Dead Beats FIFA News

Few changes pre-E3 and World Cup

07 Jun 2010

Modern Warfare 2 'Title Update' Live pre DLC News

Activision gets it right this time?

03 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Red Dead Redemption Holds #1 To Ransom News

UFC Undisputed 2010 only new challenger to Rockstar's Western crown.

01 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA 1, Wake 2 News

World Cup fever still has nation in vice grip.

17 May 2010

Modern Warfare 2 - Resurgence Map Pack Xbox 360 Dated News

Surprisingly unpriced

13 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA Holds Top Spot News

Just Dance earns over a million UK sales.

10 May 2010

Activision: MW2 $15 for Map Packs is 'Fantastic Value' News

More DLC being worked on

07 May 2010

Sony Admits PlayStation Nework - Call of Duty and Wallet Problems News

Things are in hand apprently

06 May 2010

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Hits PlayStation Network News

Prepare for people to moan but download it anyway.

04 May 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA World Cup Scores Big News

Football fever strikes the high street.

04 May 2010

Four More Infinity Ward Staff Leave News

Total is nearly 50 per cent of entire workforce, apparently.

29 Apr 2010

Square Enix Edges To The Extreme News

New label for Western-developed violent games.

28 Apr 2010

Infinity Ward Employees Sue Activision for Royalties News

38 staff claim publisher is holding them "hostage" to make Modern Warfare 3.

28 Apr 2010

Infinity Ward Loses Another Eight, Total 25 News

Movement of Jah people!

27 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Monster Hunter Splits The Top 10 News

Splinter Cell and Just Dance continue to hold on to the top.

26 Apr 2010

Seven Ex-Infinity Ward Members Sign Up to Respawn News

The Modern Warfare 2 drama continues!

23 Apr 2010

Activision Insider: Infinity Ward Walkouts Will Continue News

More candid whisperings on Facebook. Exciting, isn't it?

22 Apr 2010

Activision Insider: Modern Warfare 2 DLC Pricing "A Mistake" News

Also thinks Bobby Kotick should keep it zipped every now and then.

22 Apr 2010

Confused Infinity Ward Argues Whether It's Dead Or Not News

One person says it'll crumble, another says things will get better...

19 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Splinter Cell Stealthily Claims Victory News

Just Dance claims #2 spot.

19 Apr 2010

Infinity Ward Suffers Three More Staff Departures [Update: Four] News

Legal battle between former heads and Activision proving to be destructive.

14 Apr 2010

Analyst: EA Will Definitely Use 'Modern Warfare 2' in Advertising News

Apparently respawn is "screw you to everybody"

13 Apr 2010

West and Zampella Team Up With EA, Form Respawn Entertainment News

That really didn't take long.

12 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Just Dance Leads Boring Week News

No new games chart this week, at all.

12 Apr 2010

Activision: Legal Case Delaying Modern Warfare 3 News

Ex-Infinity Ward heads using delay as "leverage."

12 Apr 2010

PS3, PC Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Dated News

Hope you've got a few weeks to kill.

09 Apr 2010

Infinity Ward Bromance Sparks EA Offer Rumour News

Recommendation is so sweet it'll rot your teeth.

08 Apr 2010

Modern Warfare 2 'Mapathy' Cure Sets Xbox Live Record News

Activision and Microsoft made the right diagnosis.

08 Apr 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Just Dance Not Just Cause News

Wii party title hops back into first place.

06 Apr 2010

Activision UK Restructuring Brings Job Losses News

IT and marketing departments hit.

31 Mar 2010

Modern Warfare 2 - Stimulus Pack: Now Players are Hit With Billing Errors News

Microsoft's Xbox Live Operations team explains what happened.

31 Mar 2010

Modern Warfare 2 Map Title Update is Live News

Horse's mouth time

30 Mar 2010

UPDATE: Modern Warfare 2 Maps Not Working - Microsoft Engineers on Duty News

Bit of cock-up on the release front

30 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: Chaos Reigns News

Just Cause 2 destroys competition this week.

29 Mar 2010

Infinity Ward No New Spec Ops News

Also company is unaffected by law suit

26 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: Kratos Is God of Charts News

PS3 exclusive beats out all competition.

22 Mar 2010

BAFTA 2010 - Stealth Destroys Cinema News

While Modern Warfare wins gamers' hearts

21 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: PS3 Claims FFXIII Victory News

PS3 version outsells 360 version with 54% of total sales.

15 Mar 2010

U.S. Software Chart - BioShock 2 Leads Disappointing Month News

Total sales down 15 per cent.

12 Mar 2010

EA Calls Modern Warfare Legal Spat "Disappointing" News

Wonders if the series can continue under litigation.

11 Mar 2010

UK Games Charts 2010 Week 9 - Bad Companies 4 Lyfe News

DICE's sequel outsells original Bad Company almost 3:1

08 Mar 2010

Ex-Infinity Ward Heads Sue Activision News

Apparently Activision owed them money before they got fired.

04 Mar 2010

Sledgehammer Games Making 2011 Call Of Duty News

Shake-up of franchise strategy leaves Infinity Ward out in the cold.

03 Mar 2010

Activision Storms Infinity Ward: Studio Head Laid Off News

Publisher-developer relations said to be "tense".

02 Mar 2010

Activision's New Call of Duty as Earnings Excel News

2009 was best financial year in company's history.

11 Feb 2010

Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Update Submitted News

Microsoft's certification process holding up the release.

08 Feb 2010

UK Charts: EA And Ubisoft Dance Off News

Mass Effect 2 pips Just Dance to #1.

08 Feb 2010

UK Video Game Charts - Mass Effect 2 Stop the Dance News

MAG makes it way in as well.

01 Feb 2010

UK Video Game Charts - Dancing on Modern Warfare 2 News

Nothing changes - save the death of Bayonetta and Darksiders

25 Jan 2010

UK Charts: Just Dance Outsteps Modern Warfare 2 News

Ubisoft casual game is Number 1 in UK Charts.

18 Jan 2010

Modern Warfare 2 DLC: Microsoft's Greenberg Talks Sport News

Unbelievable guff spewed forth regarding DLC

11 Jan 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Jan 2 2010 - Statis Alert News

Last chart of 2009... hello 2010

04 Jan 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year '09: October Feature

Controversies, Rivalries and Google.

03 Jan 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year '09: November Feature

Modern Warfare, Scapegoats and Analysts.

03 Jan 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year '09: December Feature

Javelins, Sex and Michael Jackson.

03 Jan 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year '09: September Feature

Watchdogs, MAGs and Nigerians.

01 Jan 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year '09: August Feature

Warfare, Slims and AI Game Players.

01 Jan 2010

SPOnG's Review of the Year '09: July Feature

Blackmail, Reflections and Old Media.

31 Dec 2009

UK Videogame Chart - Modern Warfare vs Nintendo News

Modern Warfare wins but Nintendo rules

28 Dec 2009

Japan Hardware: All Platforms Sales Rise, Except PSP Go News

Wii still selling strong in home console charts.

21 Dec 2009

Japan Software Charts: Modern Warfare 2 In Top 5 News

New Super Mario Bros. still official #1.

21 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Modern Warfare 2 Nabs Christmas #1 News

FIFA 10 comes mighty close though.

21 Dec 2009

Modern Warfare 2's 'Sexually Transmitted Disease' News

Some says it's AIDS-like, which is just a bit sick

16 Dec 2009

NPD - 2009's Top Games Hits PS3 Hard News

Not much comfort for Sony

15 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Wii Sports Resort Chasing Modern Warfare 2 News

Just Dance gets 274% boost in sales.

14 Dec 2009

VGA Roundup: GOTY is Uncharted 2 News

Uncharted 2 wins Game of the Year award.

14 Dec 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Javelin Glitch Fixed News

Nearly ready to roll

11 Dec 2009

Bookmaker Paying Out on Xmas Number 1 News

Modern Warfare 2 gets it

10 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Arkham Asylum's 122% Boost News

Basically, not very much happened at all - Call of Duty still Number 1

07 Dec 2009

MW2 Javelin Glitch Being Fixed, Will Get You Banned News

Infinity Ward and Microsoft all announce fixes via Twitter.

03 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 2's Sales Slip News

Wii games shuffle about the rest of the Top 10.

30 Nov 2009

2,500 Modern Warfare 2 PC Players Ban Hammered News

Cheaters still running rampant on matchmaking setup.

30 Nov 2009

Modern Warfare 2 DLC for Spring 2010 News

Will make LOTS of money

26 Nov 2009

Play Modern Warfare 2 for Peace News

War Child organisation gets it on with MW2

25 Nov 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 2 Drops 86% News

Quite a lot really but still winning

23 Nov 2009

Activision: Multi-Player to Defeat Used Games Market News

That's why single-player is so short.

19 Nov 2009

Soap Actor Hints Modern Warfare Movie News

Jaws drop and eyes pop

19 Nov 2009

VGA GOTY Award Nominations - Short Year Uh? News

The VGA Game of the year award nominations make for longterm memory loss.

18 Nov 2009

Activision: Modern Warfare 2 No Russian Withdrawal News

Activision firefights rumour

17 Nov 2009

US Colonel: Gamers Worst at 'Distorting' War News

Playing war games does not prepare you for the real thing.

17 Nov 2009

Xbox 360 Owns Modern Warfare 2's First Week News

Games are in the mainstream.

16 Nov 2009

UK Game Charts: Modern Warfare Slaughters Innocent Competition News

Bundles of joy for Pure and Lego Batman

16 Nov 2009

Activision: Core Gamers Demand to 'Pay Up' for Additional Content News

Call of Duty to get monetized

13 Nov 2009

Cultural Phenomena Fight! Modern Warfare 2 vs Halo vs Super Smash Bros Brawl News

More marketing nonsense than you can shake a stick at.

12 Nov 2009

Modern Warfare 2 in Pachter Bicker Slaughter Fest News

Did sell. Didn't sell.

12 Nov 2009

Infinity Ward: Anything's Possible Plus MW2 DLC News

Basically, give us a chance to breathe

12 Nov 2009

UK MP Makes Fool of Himself Over Modern Warfare 2 News

Plus a Facebook group set up by an MP for gamers.

09 Nov 2009

Brit Politician Vows to Slam Modern Warfare 2 in Parliament News

Daily Mail: Modern Warfare 2 'Glamorises Violence'

09 Nov 2009

Budget Battle: Modern Warfare 2 Drops to £26 News

Less than half the RRP

09 Nov 2009

Online Retailers Have Steamy Boycott of Modern Warfare 2 News

Not happy about 'trojan horse' software

06 Nov 2009

Win VIP Tickets to the Modern Warfare 2 Launch in London! News

That's right two pairs of tickets.

05 Nov 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Gets Eminem News

Lots of explosions and excitement

05 Nov 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Composer: Brazil is More Brazilian than Russia News

Also, it's more of an emotion journey.

04 Nov 2009

Infinity Ward: MW2 Hype Not Distracting News

They must be the only ones then.

03 Nov 2009

Third-Person Play Confirmed for Modern Warfare 2 News

Everybody is third-person.

27 Oct 2009

Modern Warfare 2: What Kit You Need News

Other games are available

23 Oct 2009

Infinity Ward: Let Developers Promote Their Own Games News

Community manager says direct link to consumers is beneficial.

22 Oct 2009

Modern Warfare 2: London Square Launch News

Biggest Male Artists of 2009 to be there.

21 Oct 2009

Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare 2 for Fans Not Modders News

Modern Warfare 2 studio digging themselves a bigger hole.

21 Oct 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Contains Strong Bloody Violence News

Yes, really... a war game.

19 Oct 2009

Modern Warfare 2: No Dedicated Servers For PC News

Infinity Ward focuses on matchmaking instead.

19 Oct 2009

Infinity Ward: Diplomatic on Bobby Kotick 'Replacement' News

Plus PC version not delayed

16 Oct 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Goggles Will Turn You Into A Pervert News

Daily Star toots horn about "ogling perv" gamers.

13 Oct 2009

New Modern Warfare 2 Footage Nibble

09 Oct 2009

Activision's Modern Warfare 2 Price Justification News

Pricey games are worth it

05 Oct 2009

Video: The Infamy of Modern Warfare 2 News

Get it here!

05 Oct 2009

No Modern Warfare 2 DLC Development Yet News

Not until the game is done and dusted.

02 Oct 2009

Are Games too Expensive Feature

Steam vs Activision vs the World

02 Oct 2009

No Modern Warfare 2 Demo News

So says Twitter anywhere

28 Sep 2009

Microsoft: We'll Rule Call of Duty Sales News

Not own them though.

28 Sep 2009

Pow! 250Gb Modern Warfare Xbox 360 = $399 News

Microsoft getting revved up or COD release

16 Sep 2009

Modern Warfare 2 First Look

Building on the Mile High Club

04 Sep 2009

Modern Warfare 2: Multiplayer in Motion News

Blood on the camera...

03 Sep 2009

No Modern Warfare Multiplayer Vehicles Ever News

Never say never though.

26 Aug 2009

Gamescom Awards: PS3 Exclusive Wins Best Console Game News

Well, who would have thought it.

24 Aug 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Runs Out in UK News

Petitions and moaning give way to purchasing

21 Aug 2009

Infinity Ward: No Modern Warfare 2 Beta Until I Say So News

Beta was never announced, get over it...

20 Aug 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Ghosts into Comics News

Plus: what a life-size Ghost looks like

17 Aug 2009

UPDATED: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Erupting on Wii News

Announcement rumoured for today

05 Aug 2009

Modern Warfare 4 'Blackmailers' Speak News

A puppy might get harmed in the making of that website

29 Jul 2009

Infinity Ward Blackmailed over Modern Warfare 4 News

No, that's not a typo. Modern Warfare 4.

28 Jul 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Pricing Only the First £50+ News

Development costs and weak or strong currency to blame

16 Jul 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Prestige Priced News

Also multiplayer for downloadable Call

15 Jul 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Special Editions - No Call of Duty in Sight News

You do get night vision goggles though

14 Jul 2009

Modern Warfare 2 More Brand Madness News

Renamed again

10 Jul 2009

Modern Warfare Bumps Singularity News

Excitement galore

09 Jul 2009

The Madness of Modern Warfare 2 Branding News

Awareness, or how to make money with idiots

25 Jun 2009

Infinity Ward - Never Charging for Modern Warfare News

Hero of the week declared?

18 Jun 2009

Millions of New CoD4 Users Appear News

Stats ahoy!

26 May 2009

Modern Warfare 2: Full Two Minute Video! News

See it here

26 May 2009

Video: New Modern Warfare 2 Snippet! News

See it here

22 May 2009

Animator Leaks Call of Duty 7 Dev Confirmation News

LinkedIn profile spills beans

14 May 2009

First Modern Warfare 2 Footage Glimpsed News

More coming soon!

11 May 2009

Confirmed: Modern Warfare 2 Worldwide Release Date News

Coming not-that-soon...

26 Mar 2009

Have COD: Modern Warfare 2 Details Been Leaked? News

Confusion abounds as Twitter raises its head again

04 Mar 2009

New Guitar Hero and Modern Warfare 2 Confirmed News

Infinity Ward to take development

12 Feb 2009

Beware: 'CoD5' Beta Fakery! News

Inaccurate spammers outed

12 Jan 2009

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