Animator Leaks Call of Duty 7 Dev Confirmation

LinkedIn profile spills beans

Posted by Staff
Call of Duty: World at War
Call of Duty: World at War
Poor David Kim. What? You don't know who he is, and why you should feel sorry for him? He's the man who has apparently revealed to the world that Call of Duty 7 is in development, which means his head is probably rolling around on Treyarch's carpet right now.

"I am currently on my second title as a senior animator in the games industry with Activision / Treyarch on Call Of Duty 7", Kim's LinkdIn profile reportedly told the world. We use the past tense because those words are no longer there, presumably having been taken down at the behest or Kim's irate employer.

That a seventh Call of Duty game is in development will come as a shock to absolutely no-one, given Activision Blizzard's strategy of alternating development on titles in the series between Infinity Ward and Treyarch for annual releases. Modern Warfare 2's coming this year, so it's Treyarch's turn next.

Rumour suggests that the next Treyarch CoD game will be leaving World War II behind, as Infinity Ward's titles already have. It was reported that ActiBliz has been licensing Vietnam War-era music, along with Cuban, African, and Soviet Union music, for the game. That all suggests a Cold War era title. SPOnG's thoroughly looking forward to loving the smell of napalm in the morning...



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