Date Set For Infinity Ward Court Hearing

West and Zampella get their day in the sunshine

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Activision lawyers take an aggressive stance, yesterday.
Activision lawyers take an aggressive stance, yesterday.
After all the kerfuffle in March 2010 when Jason West and Frank Zampella were fired from Modern Warfare creator Infinity Ward, it looks like we're finally going to get the truth behind what happened. West and Zampella are finally getting their day in court as they attempt to sue Activision over unpaid royalties from sales of the franchise.

Come next May 7th, we're going to find out exactly what occurred when the two were unceremoniously booted out of Infinity Ward. Rumours abound that it was down to the developer having meetings with other publishers including Electronic Arts, but up to now there's been no confirmation.

What we do know is that a month after getting canned for an apparent breach of contract, West and Zampella presented Activison with a lawsuit claiming they're owed $125 million from game sales. Around the same time around half the employees at Infinity Ward picked up and left as well, launching a lawsuit of their own. As is the way, Activision hit back with a $400 million counter-suit, bringing EA into the fight as well. And some people still say games are for kids!

The pair have since formed the aptly named Respawn Studios and are working on a new franchise for EA so are apparently doing well. We're sure that the huge amount of money that they're aiming for will help them a little too but the thing we're really interested in is the story. It's always interesting getting to the bottom of the tale. Who willl prevail? We'll invariably see next spring.

Source: Forbes


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