UK Video Game Charts - Dancing on Modern Warfare 2

Nothing changes - save the death of Bayonetta and Darksiders

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UK Video Game Charts - Dancing on Modern Warfare 2
Okay, it's 2010, it's Week 3 of the Gfk Chart-Track video game chart (All Prices in this case) for the United Kingdom. Guess what? Ubisoft is having a good year so far.

Just Dance remains at #1; Modern Warfare 2 remains at #2... in fact the entire Top 4 is exactly the same as it was.

Darksiders (11) and Bayonetta (14) have both disappeared from the Top 10. What comes into replace them? Something exciting and cutting edge reflecting what British gamers are demanding? Here's what: Mario Kart Wii (10) and New Super Mario Bros Wii (7).

The chart is here:

Week 2010 3 UK Charts
(Last week's position in brackets. Life on chart at the end)
(1) - 1 - Just Dance - Ubisoft - 8.
(2) - 2 - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Activision Blizzard - 11.
(3) - 3 - Wii Fit Plus - Nintendo - 13.
(4) - 4 - Army Of Two: The 40th Day - Electronic Arts - 2.
(5) - 5 - Wii Sports Resort - Nintendo - 27.
(8) - 6 - FIFA 10 - Electronic Arts - 17.
(11) - 7 - New Super Mario Bros Wii - Nintendo - 10.
(9) - 8 - James Cameronís Avatar: The Game - Ubisoft - 7.
(10) - 9 - Assassinís Creed II - Ubisoft - 10.
(12) - 10 - Mario Kart Wii - Nintendo - 94

And here's what Chart Track has to say on the matter:

"Ubisoft's Just Dance (-33%) continues to strut its stuff at the top of the All Formats Chart for a second week, well ahead of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (-10%) which just manages to sneak past Wii Fit Plus (-17%) to claim No2.

"It is the first Ubisoft title since the original Assassin's Creed to hold on to the top spot for more than one week. Last week Just Dance recorded the highest ever sales for a game in the 2nd week of the year and this week the only game to sell better in week 3 is World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade back in week 3 2007. It is traditionally a quiet time of year for both sales and new releases and 2010 is no exception as the top sellers all jostle for position amongst themselves. The Top 10 is made up of games from only 3 different publishers this week with Nintendo still well represented with 4 titles.

"Wii Fit Plus may have dropped one place to No3, but Wii Sports Resort (-12%) holds on to No5, while both New Super Mario Bros. (-12%) and Mario Kart Wii[/i] (-12%) jump back into the Top 10, up 4 places to No7 and 2 places to No10 respectively. Ubisoft have two other Top 10 games with James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (-23%) up one place to No8 and Assassin's Creed II (-20%), also up one place, to No9. EA are this week's only other Top 10 publisher as their new release from last week Army of Two: The 40th Day (-16%) holds on to No4 - in contrast to last week's other major new game Darksiders (-48%) from THQ which drops out of the Top 10, down from No6 to No11. No Top 40 title manages to gain sales this week, however there is one newcomer, Dark Void from Capcom at No33."


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