Activision: Multi-Player to Defeat Used Games Market

That's why single-player is so short.

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Activision: Multi-Player to Defeat Used Games Market
What follows is a small statement but it comes from a major publisher and clearly indicates the thinking behind the very, very short single-player in Modern Warfare 2. It also indicates that this may not be a one-off.

"With multi-player we deliver hundreds or thousands of hours of gameplay for about the same price as taking a family to the movies," Kotick said. "It's also a way to address the challenge of used games."

This is what Activision Blizzard CEO, Robert - Bobby Kotick - has told The LA Times.

Also noted in the story is the fact that, "Although Infinity Ward and Treyarch have produced sequels in alternating years since 2005, the publisher now has a third development studio working on future versions."

While some sites are suggesting a brand new studio (let's call it Sledgehammer as a complete punt), the piece could of course be referring to N-Space, the team behind the Nintendo DS 'version' Modern Warfare: Mobilised.


Kiro 19 Nov 2009 13:35
No, the single player is too short because the game was an over hyped piece of crash that was probably rushed.
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