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Established: Jan 2005

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

2K Games's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 2005 title, "Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth" (PC).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, 3DS/2DS, PSVita, Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, iPad, iPhone, PS2, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA and Mac. Of these, "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" (Xbox 360), "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" (PC), "Bioshock 2" (Xbox 360), "Prey" (Xbox 360), "Bioshock" (PS3) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2019 release "Sid Meier's Civilization VI" (Xbox One).

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Race Row Comments Hits Left4Dead Dev News

2K and Turtle rock part company with community manager over USA NBA comments

02 May 2014

Sid Meier's Civilization Goes Beyond Earth - Announcement Video News

Series takes a sci-fi turn

14 Apr 2014

Bioshock to Live On News

2k ain't leaving go of that golden goose too fast.

20 Feb 2014

The Odd Couple: 2K and Bethesda Announce Joint Bundles News

Dishonored, Skyrim, Borderlands 2 and BioShock: Infinite included

11 Feb 2014

Art from the BioShock Movie that Never Was News

See the gloomy, grand pics here

17 Jan 2014

BioShock 2 and The Bureau Dev 2K Marin Shut Down News

Small number of employees moved to new studio

18 Oct 2013

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Spoilers? News

Warning! Warning! Spoilers! Spoilers! (You've been warned)

08 Oct 2013

Gears of War and BioShock Vet Heads New 2K Studio News

2K keeping hush on the details

30 Sep 2013

BioShock Infinte DLC: Don't Expect Booker in a Dress News

Play with Elizabeth will be very different

08 Aug 2013

Bioshock Infinite Proves Its Name with DLC News

Yes, it can just keep going forever and ever with the power of DLC

30 Jul 2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Comes to iOS This Week News

Crams (almost) the entire game into your iPhone or iPad.

17 Jun 2013

Chart-Track Confusion as Metro Claims UK Top Spot News

Sales tracker claims less sales than predecessor - didn't count PC.

20 May 2013

UK Chart: Dead Island Riptide Holds on to Top News

The Walking Dead grips on to #9.

13 May 2013

Borderlands 2: Krieg the Psycho Coming Next Week News

New DLC pack on track for June launch.

07 May 2013

UK Chart: Dead Island Dominates for Second Week Running News

Soul Sacrifice debuts at #26.

07 May 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Dead Island Riptide Kills Gods News

A chart filled with underwhelming offerings

29 Apr 2013

Firaxis: "Lots of Optimism" for the Future of XCOM News

Potential basis for a franchise.

29 Apr 2013

XCOM Creator on Firaxis' Reboot: They Changed So Much News

He likes it though, don't worry.

26 Apr 2013

2K Confirms Existence of "Evolved" XCOM Shooter News

2K Marin's gone and had a little think about what it wants to do.

24 Apr 2013

UK Games Charts - BioShocked Bothered by Heroes News

Fighting game beats shooting game to top charts

22 Apr 2013

UK Games Charts - BioShocked as Lara Kicks Gears News

No surprise at multiformat #1 from 2K....

02 Apr 2013

Ken Levine Debunks Reported $200m Cost for BioShock Infinite News

"Did someone send checks to the wrong address?"

22 Mar 2013

Bioshock Infinite Pre-Order Industrial Revolution Pack haz Trailer News

See it here... it's awesome sauce covering biscuits made of win

24 Jan 2013

Spoiler Warning News: First 5 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite Here News

Yes, the first five minutes of the 2K blockbuster in video right here.

19 Dec 2012

BioShock Infinite Delayed Again News

But it could be worse

07 Dec 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Call of Duty Black Ops II Takes Top Spot News

Fourth biggest launch in the UK, ever!

19 Nov 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Halo 4 Hits Before Black Ops II Bursts Out News

Halo 4 makes its mark in the week before multi-format Black Ops II releases

12 Nov 2012

Borderlands Making its Way to Apple News

iOS devices get highly lauded video game time. People say "Squeeee!" and "Kittinz!"

22 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts: EA Kicks Activision's Monsters in the Nuts News

FIFA 13 battles Skylanders and wins. James Bond 007 loses out horribly...

22 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Scores Hat Trick at Retail News

More people walk into a shop to buy a football game.

15 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 13 Scares Off Resident Evil 6 News

Footie game stays at the top of the chart.

08 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 13 Streaks Ahead News

No surprises as FIFA 13 scores big

01 Oct 2012

Video Game Bot 'Passes' a Fighting Turing Test News

But calm down, it wasn't the verbal one

28 Sep 2012

Wii U Launch Window is Four Months - Full Games List Here News

23 launch titles all lined up for November 18th though

26 Sep 2012

Why Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer is "Cancerous Growth" News

It was never supposed to exist in the first place - 2k Games forced it

29 Aug 2012

"Ultra Rare" Borderlands 2 Top Trump Cards for Indies News

This is an idea of great, great genius

23 Aug 2012

Borderlands 2 - New Trailer - New Sexism Controversy News

A lovely new trailer for Borderlands 2 on the same day as 'Girlfriend Mode' hits

13 Aug 2012

UK Video Game Charts: No More LEGO Batman Puns Left News

We made all the "Batman won't LEGO of #1 Spot" puns weeks ago.

16 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Batman LEGO of #1 for Goodness Sake! News

Warners cute-combo hangs onto #1 spot

09 Jul 2012

GTA V is Likely Reason for Bioshock Infinite Delay News

That is if you believe analysts guessing over journalists guessing.

10 May 2012

Irrational's Last Heavy Hitter Trailer - a Siren's Call for BioShock Infinite News

You'll get the Siren gag when you read the story dude...

27 Mar 2012

BioShock Infinite - Dead President's Enormous Weapon News

Ken Levine talks firepower and dead presidents

08 Mar 2012

BioShock Infinite - Europe and USA Release Date - Europe Loses News

Boo! The USofA gets Irrational's Threequel first... we complain a bit.

01 Mar 2012

Borderlands 2 Trailered and Dated and a Pitchford "Passion Project" News

2k slaps a date on what we're all hoping will be a better single-player Borderlands!

22 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Kingdoms of Amalur Hits Home Run News

Darkness also falls across all formats and all prices

13 Feb 2012

BioShock Infinite Gets New Hardcore Mode News

Called "1999" the new mode is for Old School Gamers

19 Jan 2012

Bioshock Infinite Trailer: Elizabeth My Dear... News

Not so irrational trailer has Elizabeth singing...

12 Dec 2011

Spec Ops: The Line - Trailer Now - Game in 2012 Set in Dubai News

2K Games confirms Spec Ops: The Line release and we have the trailer

22 Nov 2011

2K Responds to Christian Calls to Ban Darkness II News

A delightful waste of time.

15 Aug 2011

Gearbox Confirms Borderlands 2 is 'In Development' News

Let's never mention Duke Nukem again

03 Aug 2011

The Darkness II Delayed to 2012 News

Was coming out in October.

20 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Charts - Zumba Fitness Keeps Going News

But Call of Duty makes a Top 10 return..

11 Jul 2011

BioShock Infinite Game Play Trailer is Playsome News

And finally watchable

08 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Zumba Fitness Keeps Top Spot News

Shadows of the Damned doesn't fare so well.

27 Jun 2011

Bioshock Infinite: Ken Levine Talks Uncertainty News

What a Max Planck

24 Jun 2011

New BioShock Infinite Videos Make Eyes Smile News

Skylines and factions

21 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Hardcore Nostalgia Unfit for Top News

Zumba Fitness beats Zelda

20 Jun 2011

2k Games 'No Comment' on Eurogamer Claims of Blacklisting News

Duke Nukem review backlash

16 Jun 2011

The Darkness II - Now with Added Hype and Bias News

Sequel coming along

08 Feb 2011

Holy Crap, it's a Duke Nukem Forever Release Date! News

We're not even kidding

21 Jan 2011

PC Gamers Won't Get New BioShock 2 DLC News

Well, 'new' as in 'August'.

11 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 11 Top of the Table News

Kicking everyone's Electronic Arts.

04 Oct 2010

Four New Mafia II DLC Packs Arrive News

Greaser or Renegade? Vegas or Veteran?

29 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: F1 2010 Takes the Title News

Halo: Reach knocked off its perch.

27 Sep 2010

Mafia II Producer Apologises Over Gay Space Marines News

When attempts at wit go wrong...

23 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Halo Reach vs PS3 Move News

PlayStation Move bringing up the rear.

20 Sep 2010

2K Serves Up a New Top Spin Nibble

08 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Mafia II's On Top of the World, Ma News

Gangster sequel prevails a second week running.

06 Sep 2010

Duke Nukem Forever Coming in 2011 News

It's aliiiiiiiive!

06 Sep 2010

2K's Big Announcement: See if it's Duke Nukem Here News

Footage streamed here

03 Sep 2010

UK Software Charts: Mafia II Makes an Offer You Can't Refuse News

Gangster sequel grabs Number 1 spot.

31 Aug 2010

2K Confirms 'Inferior' PS3 Version of Mafia II News

No detailed grass, no large pools of blood.

17 Aug 2010

Mafia II Demo and Release Dated News

Not exclusive...

23 Jul 2010

Mafia II DLC Exclusive for PS3 and Pre-Owned Sting News

That'll put the cat among the fanboys

19 Jul 2010

2K 'Explains' BioShock 2 On-Disc DLC News

You're not being nickel-and-dimed, company says.

12 Mar 2010

BioShock 2 - DLC Single & Multiplayer News

Enticements... for you.

22 Feb 2010

BioShock 2 PC has Three Types of DRM News

Including Sony's dreaded SecuROM technology.

08 Feb 2010

BioShock 2: A City Free of God - Trailer News

Not at all watered down

03 Feb 2010

BioShock 2 Mulitplayer: You are a Splicer News

Prequel comes in MP

20 Jan 2010

2K Aggressive on BioShock 2 DLC News

Two new characters confirmed

19 Jan 2010

BioShock 2: New Plasmids Detailed News

Also new Irrrational site

12 Jan 2010

Bioshock II: Roll Your Own Shooter News

And the Evils of Religion

01 Dec 2009

Borderlands DLC Priced and Ready News

Yes, Zombie Island

25 Nov 2009

UK Games Charts - Football Manager Manages the Win News

Week 44 and the charts go serious

02 Nov 2009

Bruckheimer's Next Video Game Movie Writer Named News

Lots of telly to his name

28 Oct 2009

BioShock 2: In-Game Multiplayer Footage News

Fast, frenetic... fun?

04 Sep 2009

BioShock Novel Approach from Ken Levine News

Book due later this year - Levine Novelising

28 May 2009

BioShock 2 Emerging in October - But on What Platforms? News

November for North America.

27 May 2009

BioShock 2: Revealed Big Daddy II News

Picture here!

22 May 2009

Duke Nukem Undead Untrue News

3D Realms of Fantasy...

12 May 2009

2K Developer Quits: Uses Mario as Messenger News

The nerdiest way to resign

29 Apr 2009

BioShock PS3 Exclusive Content Dated News

That extended experience...

03 Nov 2008

PlayStation 3: BioShock Goes Gold News

New screens to like

30 Sep 2008

PlayStation 3 BioShock Extends 'Experience' News

Genetically enhanced apparently

19 Aug 2008

Develop 2008: The View From the Pier News

A report from SPOnG's man on the ground

01 Aug 2008

Now Bioshocking Porn and Cutscene Slam News

Porn narrative is the order of the day.

30 Jul 2008

darkSector Developer Assisting on BioShock PS3 News

How many devs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

04 Jul 2008

SecuROM Hobbled in BioShock - Confirmed for Alone in the Dark News

Make your minds up PC publishers!

20 Jun 2008

Xbox 360 to Benefit from PlayStation 3 BioShock News

Totally Confirmed: BioShock for PlayStation 3

28 May 2008

BioShock Gets Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Director News

Also Gladiator writer; you can't have it all.

09 May 2008

The Darkness Sequel on the Way News

Just don't say 'Darkness' and sequel in the same sentence...

21 Apr 2008

Mafia II - The Golden Age of Crime News

New screens!

14 Apr 2008

BioShock 2 Headed to PS3? News

2K Marin now hiring...

08 Apr 2008

BioShock 2 Confirmed, Extra GTA IV Episodic Content Coming? News

Take-Two giving downloadable content a big push, or just ambiguous wording?

12 Mar 2008

Unreal Engine 3 Licensed For Mystery Take Two Games News

BioShock sequel on the way?

12 Feb 2008

Take Two: GTA IV in April Clue - Bioshock's Huge Sales News

And...BioShock Sold Two Million!

23 Jan 2008

Take-Two Acquires Mafia Developer News

2K moves into the Czech Republic

08 Jan 2008

BioShock Gets New Plasmids and Tonics News

2K releases freebies

05 Dec 2007

Good News For Take-Two News

Analysts drop yet another bollock.

02 Oct 2007

Take Two Teams Up With Nickelodeon News

Controversial publisher does it for the kids

11 Sep 2007

BioShock To Get Sequel News

L.A. Noire slips

11 Sep 2007

The Charts: BioShocking EA Performance News

Medal of Honour: Airborne descends on the Charts

11 Sep 2007

The Charts: Has Tiger Woods Teed Off BioShock? News

Or will it land in the water?

04 Sep 2007

Mafia 2 - First Trailer and More Details Inside News

Mob handed first game trailer inside

31 Aug 2007

The Charts: Transformers Gets A (Bio)Shock News

2K releases second fastest 360 title

29 Aug 2007

BioShock Boosts Take Two’s Share Value News

Quelle surprise!

22 Aug 2007

BioShock PC Demo Due Tonight News

Or tomorrow, if you're European

20 Aug 2007

Bioshock Publisher Steps Into Borderlands News

Content generation to create “near endless variety”

17 Aug 2007

BioShock Demo Up On Xbox LIVE News

See what all the fuss is about

13 Aug 2007

The Charts: Transformers Take On Harry Potter News

The Charts go brain crazy

24 Jul 2007

The Darkness – Demo on PSN and Marketplace Now News

No excuse now. Just play it.

20 Jul 2007

BioShock Scores A-Team Composer News

Garry Schyman gets wet

17 Jul 2007

BioShock: Fishy New Video Inside News

The environment is your friend

11 Jul 2007

2K Games Sparse E3 Line-Up Inside News

Not the striptease we would have hoped

10 Jul 2007

The Charts: Harry Potter, Nicole Kidman Go At It News

Nicole Kidman fails to see off teenage boy

10 Jul 2007

Some Darkness For The Weekend, Sir? News

This week's releases

29 Jun 2007

The Darkness: Murky Multiplayer Vid News

Night vision goggles at the ready...

26 Jun 2007

Bioshock Vid: Spooky Wet Girls with Syringes News

A splash behind the scenes

21 Jun 2007

BioShock: Five Creepy New Videos News

Weapons ahoy!

11 Jun 2007

The Darkness Writer: Cut Scenes Should Go News

PLUS: Donkeys in hotel rooms

30 May 2007

New Civilization Expansion For July News

Get your God on

28 Mar 2007

New Bioshock Trailer in Easy-O-Vision News

All the latest and best videogame trailers on the SPOnGtube

06 Mar 2007

BioShock Slips to August News

Summer release increasingly unlikely for Irrational’s masterpiece

01 Mar 2007

BioShock Developer Slams Electronic Arts News

Ken Levine claims ‘EA didn't give a shit about System Shock 3’.

31 Jul 2006

The Darkness – showing at Comic-Con this week News

Surprise hit of E3 to wow comic book guys

20 Jul 2006

UK Charts: a Summer Holiday boost News

GTA stands firm at the top, Prey closing in

18 Jul 2006

Prey 360 Demo. Soon, Baby, Soon! News

2K Games 'Prey' for 360 Demo miracle.

29 Jun 2006

Xbox Live News - Rumble Roses, Perfect Dark, Oblivion News

Girls, girls, elves.

08 Jun 2006

The Darkness – new trailer inside News

Dark, comic-book psycho-thriller – one of E3’s surprise hits

31 May 2006

The Charts - Hitman Bang on Target News

A golden week for Eidos.

31 May 2006

Day One In The E3 House News

All the best of the things we've managed to find time to see.

10 May 2006

Batman Appearing on 2K Games’ Booth. News

Adam West! Zoinks! Bam! Bonk!

08 May 2006

2K Games Spooks up Ghost Rider News

Plus! First screens from The Darkness.

03 May 2006

CivCity: Rome – new screens News

Friends, Romans, Would-Be-Town-Planners…

26 Apr 2006

Take-Two's Financial Results News

Sales down, but plenty of GTA lolly still banked.

08 Mar 2006

Family Guy Video Game Announced News

2K Games pick up rights to TV’s funniest.

06 Mar 2006

The Darkness – legendary comic strip game re-emerges News

Seeps out this winter on Xbox 360 and PS3

03 Mar 2006

Sid Meier's Civilization IV Finds a New Home News

Take 2 and Firaxis get together.

27 Jan 2005

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