The Darkness II Delayed to 2012

Was coming out in October.

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The Darkness II Delayed to 2012
Comic book FPS sequel The Darkness II has been held back until well into the new year, 2K Games has announced.

The game was all set for a 7th October 2011 launch on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, but it seems a little more time is required for Digital Extremes to add the spit and polish required to match the standards set by Starbreeze with the first title.

We're now not seeing a peep of it on store shelves until the 10th February 2012. What will you do to pass the time?


CaptSkyRocket 20 Jul 2011 09:34
Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. No, wait, I live in England, so maybe a few pints of white lightning every night and a good fight down the local on Saturday with the boys.
Tone 20 Jul 2011 11:24
obviously from essex lol
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