Art from the BioShock Movie that Never Was

See the gloomy, grand pics here

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Art by concept artist Scott Patton for the ill-fated attempt to get BioShock on the big screen has surfaced.

It's gloomy stuff, focusing as it does on the underwater city of Rapture seen in the first two games. There's a real emphasis on scale and art deco grandeur in the images, though. You can see them in the gallery.

Universal started developing the film in 2008 with Gore Verbinski at the helm and a $200m budget. When Watchmen failed to set the world on fire, however, Universal got queasy about making a big-budget R-rated film and slashed the budget to $80m. Verbinski stepped aside and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) stepped in. Ultimately, though, Ken Levine stepped in to pull the plug in 2010, unconvinced that Fresnadillo could deliver on the project.

All that said, it's not difficult to imagine the BioShock movie resurfacing at some point...

Source: ComicBookMovie


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