Batman Appearing on 2K Games’ Booth.

Adam West! Zoinks! Bam! Bonk!

Posted by Staff
2K Games happens to be one of the first companies SPOnG is seeing out at E3 shortly after the doors open at 11AM on Wednesday. As they are down to publish the Family Guy game later this year, they’ve managed to grab some face time (as they are wont to say this side of the pond) with none other than the real Batman, Adam West. He’s the voice of the Mayor of Quahog, RI in one of SPOnG’s favourite cartoons.

We are prepared to patiently wait in line with all the other nerds, just to be able to tell everybody we’ve ever met that we briefly met Adam West. Though we’ll probably get a bit bored after our attention wanders back to games - circa 39 seconds of waiting in line - and start thinking again about heading over to SEGA 20 minutes before our meeting with them, just to try to get a few more minutes behind the sacred closed doors, to play on Virtua Fighter 5 - news and exclusive screens right here.

Adam West will be signing the attendant geeks’ old Batman DVDs along with Marc Silvestri and Paul Jenkins, the famed comic book artist and writer who are also the talent behind the cult-comic hit The Darkness. 2K will be hosting a competitive prize-based multi-player tournament with Prey, “…a groundbreaking first person shooter that raises the bar and turns the genre upside-down”. What? It’s played on the ceiling? Why would they want to go do that?

The first prize in the Prey comp is a VoodooPC HEXX gaming PC customised for Prey, plus a load of other swag on offer from AMD, Creative and Logitech. Damnit! Why do we have to do all these pesky interviews and meetings!?


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