Video Game Bot 'Passes' a Fighting Turing Test

But calm down, it wasn't the verbal one

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Video Game Bot 'Passes' a Fighting Turing Test
A video game Bot developed computer scientists at The University of Texas at Austin to play a part in Unreal Tournament 2004 has won a competition sponsored by 2K Games. The prize is called the BotPrize. All over the media it's also being called 'The Turing Test'.

Risto Miikkulainen, professor of computer science in the College of Natural Sciences. Miikkulainen created the bot, called the UT^2 game bot, with doctoral students Jacob Schrum and Igor Karpov, llays out what actually happened, "The idea is to evaluate how we can make game bots, which are non-player characters (NPCs) controlled by AI algorithms, appear as human as possible."

The original Turing Test (there are many variants) was based on a human sitting in one room asking someone in another room questions. If that someone in another room was a computer but also indistinguishable from a human being based on the answers it gave, it was said to have "passed the Turning Test". The concept came from UK computer whizz Alan Turing.

According to phys.or the 2K prize differed in that it was less about talking and more about playing UT4.

"The (competing) bots face off in a tournament against one another and about an equal number of humans, with each player trying to score points by eliminating its opponents. Each player also has a "judging gun" in addition to its usual complement of weapons. That gun is used to tag opponents as human or bot."

But here comes the kicker:

"The winning bots both achieved a humanness rating of 52 percent. Human players received an average humanness rating of only 40 percent. The two winning teams will split the $7,000 first prize."

Yes indeed.



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