Spoiler Warning News: First 5 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite Here

Yes, the first five minutes of the 2K blockbuster in video right here.

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Spoiler Warning News: First 5 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite Here
Right, we are warning you. Right here. Right now. The following trailer contains Spoilers. SPOILERS. Even the video itself says "SPOILERS", so don't say we've not given you fair warning regarding the SPOILERS in this, the first five minutes of Irrational and 2K's Bioshock: Infinite.

For some of you watching these SPOILERS of the first five minutes of the game will mean the end of your actual existence before the Mayan's predicted it. You will feel the need to destroy us and our families for even mentioning the first five minutes of a game that is yet to be released.

Others among you will release that it's the first five minutes of a game that doesn't get released until March 26th so what the hell? After all how spoilery can the first five minutes be? Sure, if it was the last five minutes... anyway, watch the trailer.



Nosgoth1979 20 Dec 2012 16:40
Spoiler warnings are always appreciated, but seeing that opening was absolutely worth it. It definitely made me want to play Bioshock Infinite even more. Iím trying to keep my expectations in check though; I try to remain cautiously skeptical of all the highly hyped games these daysóever since Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution ended up disappointing me. Thatís the reason I stopped buying video games until after I rent them and have the opportunity to log some hours on them (of course sometimes I donít buy them after that either, since a lot of games donít have much replay value to me). I got the renting-first idea from one of my coworkers at DISH. So for a while now, both of us have been renting every game we play through DISHís Blockbuster @Home, and it saves a ton of money, since it drastically reduces the number of games Iíd have normally bought. Plus since itís a pay-by-the-month subscription service, my bill is always the same, no matter how many games (or movies) I rent in a month!
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