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Dark, comic-book psycho-thriller – one of E3’s surprise hits

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2K Games has just sent over a new trailer of one of this year’s E3’s surprise hits, the Starbreeze studio developed The Darkness – based on the dark psychological thriller comic book of the same name, as we reported on earlier this year right here.

SPOnG met up with the rather frightening goth-tastic development guys at E3, as well as briefly meeting up with The Darkness’s Eisner Award winning writer Paul Jenkins. We’ll bring you those interviews as soon as we extract them from our iPod! Our main memory of the meeting was that the dev guys were very into the game (always a good sign) and that Paul Jenkins was just very, very big.

In The Darkness game, you assume the role of mafia hitman Jackie Estacado, who, somewhat unfortunately, becomes possessed by "The Darkness" an ancient demonic entity that gives him spectacular and very weird powers. As the game’s story unfolds you get to guide Jackie through his fight with the fictional Francetti mafia, using a wide array of traditional weaponry as well as your pant-soiling special ‘Darkness’ powers.

SPOnG saw a quick fifteen minute presentation of the game at E3, and we needed to get outside for a few minutes of fresh air and sunlight straight afterwards to recover from the chilling, oppressive atmosphere Starbreeze has successfully recreated in the game. This is not a criticism, merely an observation on what looks like it’s going to be a genuinely frightening game experience. Which is a good thing, unless you are of a highly nervous disposition, in which case SPOnG would advise you to have a few vallies and get back to Animal Crossing and not worry yourself about The Darkness.

Check out The Darkness trailer by clicking right here:

Darkness E3 vid
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It’s lucky for SPOnG that we like Starbreeze's game, otherwise they might cast some gothic curses on us, or just get Mr Jenkins to twat us one with his massive hands.

In other 2K Games trailer goodness news, you can also check out the newly released trailers on one of their other top titles which wowed many at E3, the soon-to-be-released Prey, the innovative Cherokee Indian-inspired first person shooter that features some cracking moves and special powers such as the ability to walk on walls, manipulate gravity and perform a "spirit walk" by leaving your physical body behind.

You can download that by clicking on the link right here:

XviD (52MB)
Windows Media (34MB)



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