Wii Fit - Wii

Also known as: 'Wii Fitness'
Viewed: 2D Third person, into the screen
Genre: Activity: Health & Fitness

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Souls, hacks and super-sizing.

26 Dec 2010

Wii Fit Turns Woman Into Sex Addict News

Even the slightest of vibrations gets her going.

15 Apr 2010

Blaze Announce That Their New Fitness First Health Accessories For Nintendo Wii Are in Stock Now! Press Release

BLAZE announces it has secured the exclusive worldwide rights to produce Fitness First branded fitness accessories across all platforms.

21 Jan 2010

Nintendo and Target Help People Keep Their New Year's Resolutions with Wii Fit Plus Press Release

On weekends from Jan. 16-31, shoppers who visit select Target stores nationwide will encounter the Wii Fit Plus Experience in the parking lot

14 Jan 2010

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Battlefronts, Rumours and Islam.

23 Dec 2009

NPD - 2009's Top Games Hits PS3 Hard News

Not much comfort for Sony

15 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Arkham Asylum's 122% Boost News

Basically, not very much happened at all - Call of Duty still Number 1

07 Dec 2009

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12 Oct 2009

UK Charts: Need for Speed Shifts News

Knocks Guitar Hero off...

21 Sep 2009

UK Game Charts: Guitar Hero vs Beatles News

And Colin McRae motors in...

14 Sep 2009

UK Game Charts: Batman vs COD News

New entries at last though

07 Sep 2009

UK Games Charts: Nintendo Still on Sporty Holiday News

Platform holder takes top two positions

03 Aug 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Tiger Woods Mauls Harry Potter News

It's Week 28 peeps.

13 Jul 2009

UPDATE: Killzone 2 (NOT) Biggest Non-Casual Game of 2009 News

Nintendo owns the rest of the first half of '09

06 Jul 2009

UK Video Game Charts: ProtoType Fought Off News

Fight Now kicks everthing's ass

29 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Wii Fit Plus Confirmed News

Coming in Autumn

02 Jun 2009

Pachter Watch: Motion Plus 'Sneaky' like Wii Fit News

Hilarious analyst fun

13 May 2009

The UK Games Charts: Wolverine Not that Fit News

Nintendo takes another week at the top

05 May 2009

UK Games Charts: Wii Fitter than Riddick News

Nintendo heading for Charts record?

27 Apr 2009

MCV Awards: The Winners Nibble

24 Apr 2009

UK Game Charts: Godfather Too? News

Wii Fit makes another record.

20 Apr 2009

The UK Games Charts: Wii Fit sets a Record News

The Godfather II shoots its way in

14 Apr 2009

The UK Games Charts: Wii as Fit as Pokemon News

Resident Evil 5 drops

06 Apr 2009

The UK Games Charts: Resident Evil 5 Still Fit News

Plus: some oldies make a comeback

30 Mar 2009

The UK Charts: GTA: Chinatown Wars Not Number 1 News

Resident Evil 5 holds the top

23 Mar 2009

NPD: Wii Leads February Growth in US News

Year on year revenue up

20 Mar 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Resident Evil 5 - Xbox 360 Takes Majority News

Resident Evil 5 smashes records

16 Mar 2009

Video Game Charts: Killzone 2 Kills News

Killzone 2 shoots to the top

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UK Video Game Charts: Hadouken! News

What an exciting week for games.

24 Feb 2009

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Week seven and we're all going to heaven

16 Feb 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Wii Fit Still Does News

But it's casual, casual, casual for the big new entry.

09 Feb 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Wii Still Fit to Bust News

Complete dependability right here!

02 Feb 2009

Nintendo's Best-Selling Wii Titles News

Plus: DSi still coming in Spring

30 Jan 2009

US Mag States: Don't Buy Wii Fit News

It's too much work.

30 Jan 2009

EA Skates Back Into The UK Game Charts News

But guess what's still at Number 1...

27 Jan 2009

US: Nintendo Ruled 2008 News

Xbox 360 outsold PS3 two to one in December

16 Jan 2009

UK Game Charts: Sweet FIFA All News

Those who forget history are condemned to play The Simpson's Game.

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SPOnG's Review of 2008: April Feature

GTA IV cometh!

30 Dec 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Xmas Number 1 News

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Before the 'coveted' Xmas Number 1!

16 Dec 2008

Bets on for Xmas Number 1 News

Ladbrookes open the book

12 Dec 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Duty Calls News

Nintendo shows well

09 Dec 2008

The UK Games Charts: Call of Duty Takes on All Comers News

Tomb Raider and Need for Speed fail to take the top

25 Nov 2008

EA's Wii Fit 'Complement' Details Revealed in Pix News

Pix of sweaty western bloke and lady

13 Nov 2008

UK Leads Video Game Growth for Third Quarter News

Madden is best-seller 'globally'

11 Nov 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Gears Crunches Sackboys News

Cute and cuddly - not for UK gamers.

10 Nov 2008

UK Video Game Charts: PES gets a Fabled Kicking News

Xbox 360 exclusive ahoy

28 Oct 2008

UK Charts: PS3 PES vs Xbox 360 PES News

BioShock for PS3 no biggie.

20 Oct 2008

The UK Charts: Batman Kicks off Against FIFA 09 News

Has the Dark Knight swung in at the top?

14 Oct 2008

The UK Charts: FIFA 09 Kicks Off News

FIFA-Fo-Fum! EA Giant climbs chart beanstalk

07 Oct 2008

UK Video Game Top 10: Pure Joy Forces its Way In News

EA loses its footing

30 Sep 2008

Official UK Video Game Charts: Star Wars and the Apocalypse News

Activision scores a blinder

22 Sep 2008

The UK Charts: Hugo Chavez Beats Off Tiger Woods? News

It's all-out war at the top.

16 Sep 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Tiger Woods Hits a Birdie News

Nintendo nudged from the top

02 Sep 2008

The Charts: Brain Training Breaks a Record News

Mario Kart Wii Drifts in front of Wii Fit

27 Aug 2008

First 'Global' Video Game Top 5 is Here News

Global chart

21 Aug 2008

The Charts: Mario Races Wii Fit News

The Olympics help SEGA out

19 Aug 2008

The Charts: Healthy Fun Slaps Hardcore Fight Fest News

Another week, another Nintendo game atop the Charts

12 Aug 2008

The Charts: SoulCalibur IV Sticks the Summer Knife in News

Nintendo becomes a bit less Fit

05 Aug 2008

The UK Video Game Charts are Belong to Nintendo News

Would all other platform holders please leave.

29 Jul 2008

The Charts: LEGO Indy Makes a Break For It News

Nintendo rules the Top 10

22 Jul 2008

The Charts: Wii Fit Gets in a Brawl News

Nintendo proves its self-improvement title has stamina

15 Jul 2008

The Charts: Indiana Jones Super Smashed News

What happened to Mario & Sonic?!?!

01 Jul 2008

UK Charts: Metal Gear is Indeed Solid News

GTA IV still bubbling under.

16 Jun 2008

Nintendo: Wii Fit Hula Girl - Not Us News

We bet they wish it was.

11 Jun 2008

The Charts: Is GTA IV Fit Enough to Survive Sales Drop? News

Nintendo takes 40% of Top 10

20 May 2008

UK Charts: GTA IV's Massive Sales Drop - PS3 versus Xbox 360 Results News

Xbox versus PS3? You want to know

13 May 2008

The Charts: GTA IV Fit to Take the Top? News

The many facts of GTA IV's success

07 May 2008

The Charts: All That's Fit to Print News

Mario Kart Wii falls behind

29 Apr 2008

Wii Fit Selling at 90 Copies Per Minute News

Woolworths says Wii Fit launch bigger than Wii hardware

28 Apr 2008

Nintendo's Miyamoto: Get Outside! News

Plus: Nintendo fans NOT destroying their Wiis in Fits of anger

28 Apr 2008

Mario Game to use Wii Fit Balance Board? News

Plus: Wii Fit to talk to DS?

18 Apr 2008

Miyamoto: Nintendo Devs Uneasy About Wii Fit News

Plus: a message for hardcore gamers

18 Apr 2008

Wii Fit Pricing Dispair-ity? News

But not really by Nintendo

16 Apr 2008

Japanese Hardware for the Entire Year News

But PSP leads the last month

04 Apr 2008

Wii Fit - Get Prepared News

New screens inside

02 Apr 2008

Europe's Wii Fit Price Revealed News

Dig out your sweat bands

27 Feb 2008

Wii Fit - Not for Purpose? News

Sumo inspiration from Sawano, not Miyamoto

21 Feb 2008

Wii Fitness Dated For Europe! News

Plus: new screens!

20 Feb 2008

Wii Fitness and WiiWare Dated For US News

European announcement expected soon...

20 Feb 2008

Super! As Smash Bros Piles into Japanese Chart News

How does Devil May Cry 4 fare?

07 Feb 2008

Nintendo Wii - Top of the Sales in Japan News

A fitting week for the console

01 Feb 2008

Wii Hits Five Million In Japan News

Best-selling Wii games revealed

23 Jan 2008

One Million Japanese Gamers Get Wii Fit News

Japanese software charts inside

09 Jan 2008

Wii Fit Review

Or Wii Fittness... you decide...

04 Dec 2007

Nintendo Value Tops 10 Trillion Yen News

Wii Fitness boosts share prices

15 Oct 2007

The Atari 2600 Is Thirty - Happy Birthday Videogames News

PlayStation's Great-Great-Grandad

03 Oct 2007

Wii Fit: Nintendo's New Yoga Toy For Girls News

Plus, Metroid 3, Mario Galaxy and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

30 Aug 2007

Wii Love Wednesdays - Wii Sports Boozathon News

Posh Sarf London boozer combines Wii with strong cocktails. Genius.

28 Aug 2007

Nintendo Predicts 180 Per Cent Wii Sales Increase News

Wii success making component suppliers filthy rich

15 Aug 2007

Nintendo Ups Profit Predictions for 2007/08 News

Expects to shift 16.5 million Wii’s this financial year

25 Jul 2007

Wii Fit – Priced News

Or rather, $70, according to US e-tailers

19 Jul 2007

E3 Round Up: Games of the Show – EA’s Skate News

Wheat from chaff sifting right here

17 Jul 2007

Wii Fitness Board Price Exposed? News

US retailers may have given the game away

17 Jul 2007

Wii Fitness Board: 25 Years In The Making News

Everything old is new again

16 Jul 2007

Min-E3 2007 – Best and Worst Five Things to Date News

Cheering and moaning fom SPOnG’s team in La La Land

12 Jul 2007

E3: Nintendo Conference Round-Up News

Miyamoto unveils Wii Fit... and new controller comes too.

11 Jul 2007

E3: Nintendo Stretches Fat Gamers With Wii Fit News

Or is it trying to kill us?

11 Jul 2007

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