The Charts: Brain Training Breaks a Record

Mario Kart Wii Drifts in front of Wii Fit

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The Charts: Brain Training Breaks a Record
While there might not be a vast amount of movement in the Charts this week, we do have a brand new record-breaker. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the longest-serving Top 10 title ever, Dr Kawashima's Brain Training! Its at Number 8, one place up from last week that Brain Training sits. It's been there for 80 weeks, beating Tomb Raider, which managed 79 weeks in the Top 10.

Nintendo's Mario Kart Wii holds steady for another week at the top of the Charts this week, once again holding out another Ninty challenger, Wii Fit. Sales of both are up 12%.

If you're looking for a bit of moving and shaking in the Top 5, you're out of luck. The whole job lot remains unchanged from last week. The end of the Olympics has done nothing to shake SEGA's grip on Numbers 3 and 4. Those positions are once again occupied by Beijing 2008 and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. SPOnG's readying itself for the tubby pipe fitter and the spiky speedster to pass from the Top 10, but it could be a looooong wait.

Another Nintendo title, Wii Play, once again sits pretty at Number 5.

Half the Top 10 is occupied by party/mini games. Predictably, that means a large chunk of it is also made up of titles that are exclusive to Nintendo platforms. Seven of the games up there can only be had for the Wii or DS.

2K Play's Carnival Funfair Games breaks back into the Top 10, jumping from Number 13 to Number 6 thanks to the release of the DS version.

THQ's top performers have both topped last week's performances, with Big Beach Sports up a spot from Number 8 to Number 7 and Wall-E up from Number 11 to Number 9.

There's not a whiff of a newly-released title in the Top 40 this week, but we do have a first appearance from Empire's Off Road, which breaks into the Top 40 at Number 28.

Meanwhile, Eidos's Summer Athletics (PC, 360, PS2, Wii) takes a handy leap from Number 25 to Number 12.

It's also worth noting that, thanks the PlayStation 3 launch of the Platinum range, this week marks the first publishing of the PS3 budget chart. You can see the Top 10 right at the bottom.

Next week watch out for Namco Bandai's SoulCalibur Legends for the Wii and Microsoft's Too Human on the 360.

You can see the Top 10 in full below (last week's position is in brackets).

All Formats Top 10

(1) 1 Mario Kart Wii Nintendo
(2) 2 Wii Fit Nintendo
(3) 3 Beijing 2008 SEGA
(4) 4 Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games SEGA
(5) 5 Wii Play Nintendo
(13) 6 Carnival: Funfair Games Take-Two
(8) 7 Big Beach Sports THQ
(9) 8 Dr Kawashima's Brain Training Nintendo
(11) 9 Wall-E THQ
(6) 10 Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock Activision Blizzard

PS3 Budget Top 10

(1) 1 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Sony
(2) 2 Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Sony
(3) 3 Buzz! Quiz Tv Sony
(4) 4 FIFA 08 Electronic Arts
(5) 5 Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction Sony
(8) 6 Resistance: Fall Of Man Sony
(7) 7 Singstar Vol.2 Sony
(6) 8 Fight Night Round 3 Electronic Arts
(12) 9 MotorStorm Sony
(10) 10 Virtua Tennis 3 SEGA


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