Wii Hits Five Million In Japan

Best-selling Wii games revealed

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Wii Hits Five Million In Japan
Lest we didn't believe that the Wii is immensely popular in Japan, research company Enterbrain has revealed that the console has now sold over 5 million units in Nintendo's homeland.

Enterbrain says that as of January 20th, Wii lifetime sales in Japan are estimated at 5,019,337.

Also revealed are approximate figures for the best-selling Wii games in Japan. Wii Sports leads the way, with 2,663,938 copies sold. That's over half of all Wii owners that own a copy.

Close behind it is Wii Play with 2,139,084 sales under its belt. Mario Party 8 comes in third, having shifted 1,153,648 copies, with Wii Fit and Mario Galaxy sitting at fourth and fifth with figures of 1,113,626 and 843,961 respectively.

If Wii Fit's performance in its first month of sale in Japan is anything to go by, SPOnG won't be surprised if the game climbs that ranking fairly rapidly.

By comparison, Media Create's figures show that as of January 13th, the PS3 has sold 1,744,766 units, while the Xbox 360 trails at the back with 521,795 consoles sold in Japan. That means Nintendo has sold roughly 2.9 times as many Wiis as Sony has PS3s and sold 9.6 times as many Wiis as Microsoft has 360s.

It's not exactly shocking that the Wii's installed base is so much bigger in Japan than those of its rivals, but the figures are impressive nonetheless.

†Source: MCV
‡Although it is not explicitly stated, presumably the software figures are for the titles' lifetimes, given that as of January 6th Wii Fit had sold a million copies and the figure presented here is larger than that. This means Enterbrain is not just using 2007 figures.


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