The UK Video Game Charts are Belong to Nintendo

Would all other platform holders please leave.

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The UK Video Game Charts are Belong to Nintendo
Wii Fit has proved it's got stamina this week, making a return to the top spot after being denied by LEGO Indiana Jones last week. Nintendo's healthy offering sees an impressive 32% jump in sales.

THQ's cutesy film tie-in, Wall-E, sees a 12% climb in sales, but that fails to gain it a place thanks to Wii Fit. It once again settles at Number 2.

Another Nintendo title screeches in at Number 3 Mario Kart Wii has jumped three places (probably using a bullet power-up) from Number 6.

Activision Blizzard takes a leap with its portable rawk'n'roll offering, Guitar Hero On Tour. The game's first full week of sales earns it a seven place climb to Number 4.

LEGO Indiana Jones is somewhat humbled, having been knocked from Number 1 last week to Number 5 this week with a loss of 15% of its sales.

A notable re-entry to the Top 10 is... well, if we told you it's been in the Charts since before video games were invented, you'd know what we were talking about, right? Yeah, it's Dr Kawashima's Brain Training, back up to Number 9 with a seven place (and 14%) climb.

So, that's basically the Top 10 owned by Nintendo. Seven out of the Top 10 games are exclusive to Nintendo platforms, while every game up there got a release on one of Ninty's machines. The PS3 and 360, in contrast, have just two (tie-in) titles apiece up there LEGO Indy and Wall-E. You can see the Top 10 below (last week's entries are bracketed).

Next week, watch out for appearances from Soul Calibur IV and maybe Space Chimps.

(3) 1 Wii Fit - Nintendo
(2) 2 Wall-E - THQ
(6) 3 Mario Kart Wii - Nintendo
(11) 4 Guitar Hero: On Tour - Activision
(1) 5 Lego Indiana Jones: Original Adventures - Activision
(4) 6 Wii Play - Nintendo
(7) 7 Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Games - SEGA
(5) 8 Super Smash Bros: Brawl - Nintendo
(16) 9 Dr Kawashima's Brain Training - Nintendo
(9) 10 Big Beach Sports - THQ


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