Wii Love Wednesdays - Wii Sports Boozathon

Posh Sarf London boozer combines Wii with strong cocktails. Genius.

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By Adam Hartley

While perusing Grand-mama’s Saturday Telegraph newspaper over the weekend I happened to notice a feature on the ‘full-blown phenomenon’ that is the Nintendo Wii. Great to see that the Telegraph's slightly older, traditionally hyper-conservative readership is being kept informed about new-fangled developments in gaming.

On closer inspection, I discovered the piece was penned by SPOnG regular, Steve Boxer, who provides the paper’s readers with a solid review of the Wii phenomenon to date, claiming, “Many experts…predicted that this [phenomenon] might be the case back in December last year, when the Wii went on sale in Europe. But few foresaw the gusto with which the wider public would take to Nintendo's console.”

Most interestingly, for the lushes amongst us here at SPOnG, we hear that Adam Billingham, the owner and manager of London's latest boozer de jour, the 'Brixton Bar and Grill', has created a special “Wii Love Wednesdays” night at his rather fancy new establishment just round the corner from Brixton tube station.

I immediately headed ‘Sarf’ in celebration of the bank holiday yesterday to witness the fun and games for myself. You can see some pics from one of the Brixton Bar and Grill’s recent shindigs right here. Take two of SPOnG's favourite things: Wii Sports and laughably strong cocktails – and combine them. Adam Billingham, SPOnG salutes you!

"I love games and I just had to get hold of a Wii. Then I realised I had a large digital projector in our back arch, which wasn’t being used much in the week. It was a no brainer really!” Billingham told me.

“We have already had quite a few punters that have gone out to buy a Wii after having a go,” he told me, adding, "once people see how easy it is to get involved in the tennis, bowling and boxing they are instantly hooked!"

What with Wii Fit, Electronic Arts' Boogie and Playground, not to mention Wii-specific Pro Evo and FIFA 08s on the way, I urge the marketing brains at Nintendo UK to learn from this innovative little promotion and to get in touch with some of the major nationwide pub-chains to set up Wii Love Wednesday style events across the land!

Wii pubs for all, says SPOnG. Then we can get really, well, wii'ed.


Joji 28 Aug 2007 19:05
Wow, that's a good idea, Adam. I wish my one of my locals would try something like this. Chuck in a few prizes and that would be a good night out.

Coming to a pub near you. Fifa 08 and Pro Evo 08 tournament night.
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