The UK Charts: FIFA 09 Kicks Off

FIFA-Fo-Fum! EA Giant climbs chart beanstalk

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The UK Charts: FIFA 09 Kicks Off
Electronic Arts' FIFA 09 has kicked off its season, hitting the top of the UK Charts in a big way. The game has started life at Number 1, claiming the honour of having the biggest ever launch for a FIFA title.

It outsold last year's version by a whopping 37.5%, topping the individual format Charts for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and PSP. The Xbox 360 version takes 42% of the overall sales, with the game being third fastest selling on the console behind only Halo 3 and GTA IV. The PS3 version is just behind it at 40%, with the title weighing in at second fastest-selling game on the system (behind GTA IV). The PS2 version lays claim to 11% of the sales, while the PSP snags 3%. That leaves just 4% of sales spread between the Wii, DS and PC.

All that leaves Activision's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed relegated to second place. Ubisoft's Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway (only out for the PS3 and 360 right now) creeps up one place behind it to Number 3.

Nintendo loses two places on both Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii, which drop to Numbers 4 and 5 respectively.

In its second week of sale, Disney's Pure is still lurking at the bottom of the Top 10. It's dropped one place from Number 8 to Number 9.

FIFA 09 is the only new title to have broken into the Top 40 this week, but a couple of SEGA titles have had a good second week. Samba de Amigo for the Wii enters at Number 18, while Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for the DS saunters in at Number 31.

Next week, keep an eye out for LucasArts' Fracture, Warner Bros' LEGO Batman and Rockstar's Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

You can see the Top 10 in full below (last week's positions are in brackets).

(NE) 1 FIFA 09 - EA Sports
(1) 2 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - LucasArts
(4) 3 Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway - Ubisoft
(2) 4 Wii Fit - Nintendo
(3) 5 Mario Kart Wii - Nintendo
(5) 6 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 - EA Sports
(6) 7 Wii Play - Nintendo
(9) 8 Big Beach Sports - Play THQ
(8) 9 Pure - Disney Interactive Studios
(7) 10 Carnival: Funfair Games - 2K Play


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