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Full name: Polyphony Digital Inc.
Established: 1998

At the height of the British summer of 2003, Japanese developer Polyphony’s website (www.polyphony.co.jp) tells us that it’s been responsible for Gran Turismos 2 and 3 and the little-loved space-based shooter Omega Boost, and nothing more. We know for a fact that there is more to Polyphony than this – but not much more. Polyphony Digital, to give it its full name, came to the world’s attention with the original Gran Turismo in 1998. The racing sim for the PlayStation was born. Sure, there were plenty of arcade-style racers to choose from in 1998; Ridge Racer, Motorhead, Max Power Racing and many more, but none offered the rewards for successful racing that GT did. Credits were awarded on a sliding scale, and these credits could be used to purchase upgrades to your existing car, or to buy a second-hand motor, or maybe even buy a brand new one. Players couldn’t enter just any old race either; you had to have the right kind of car available to you to be able to compete in certain classes of race. And we haven’t even mentioned the licence tests…

Gran Turismo effectively launched a new genre – the real racing sim – and it pretty much guaranteed the talented types at Polyphony Digital deity-like status. Gran Turismo 2 followed in 2000, again for the PlayStation, and the series’ reputation was cemented. GT2 had more tracks, more cars, and two discs. Not just a simulation any more, GT2 included an Arcade mode this time around, just in case there were any doubters as to whether Polyphony could repeat the success. They did so, just by offering a lot more to the punter. Still no collision damage though…

With the arrival of the PS2, it was inevitable that a third instalment of Gran Turismo was on the cards. Improved visuals made GT3 A-Spec a worldwide hit, achieving Sony’s Platinum status in what seemed like no time at all. A couple of PS2 spin-offs duly appeared – the Japan-only 2001 Tokyo Collection and Gran Turismo Concept 2002: Tokyo-Geneva – showcasing prototypes and far out concept cars from the respective motor shows. And still no collision damage.

At the time of writing (summer 2003) we’ve had a thrash on Gran Turismo 4 at E3 in Los Angeles, and luxuriated in some lovely screenshots from the game. We know what’s coming next from Polyphony, and we reckon it might be the best yet.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Polyphony's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1998 title, "Gran Turismo" (PlayStation).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, PC, PS3, PS2, PSP and PlayStation. Of these, "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue" (PS3), "Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec" (PS2), "Gran Turismo" (PlayStation), "Gran Turismo" (PSP), "Gran Turismo 2" (PlayStation) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2017 release "Gran Turismo Sport" (PS4).

Know something we don't? Let us know! If you work for Polyphony, register now to manage this listing.

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Gran Turismo HD: Boner-Poppin' Good News

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Gran Turismo Bikes – New Details and Gameplay Video News

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10 Nov 2005

Polyphony’s Tourist Trophy Detailed News

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Gran Turismo 4: It’s coming out on this date in Europe – Honest! News

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As predicted yesterday – PAL release drifts…

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GT4 ports to PSP with possible delay for key launch title? News

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Gran Turismo 4 Photo mode devastates News

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GT4 Roars Into View News

Screens of Mean Machines.

12 May 2004

Gran Turismo 4: Prologue Confusion Concludes News

Crunch time as SCEE opts for pre-order lure.

29 Apr 2004

Gran Turismo 4: Latest Screens! News

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27 Apr 2004

Exclusive: European Gran Turismo 4 Prologue in Doubt News

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27 Apr 2004

Denied! No Gran Turismo 4 Prologue in the US News

US gamers miss Polyphony filler.

23 Mar 2004

Gran Turismo 4 Prologue Europe-bound News

Aperitif racer to bridge online dev-strife.

22 Mar 2004

Polyphony Fails to Deliver as Gran Turismo 4 Slides Yet Again! News

Ongoing online issues blighting biggest game ever.

20 Feb 2004

Gran Turismo 4 Off Track News

SCEE confirms new summer date

09 Jan 2004

Gran Turismo 4: Prologue impressions News

Game busted open: Kazunori triumphs again

29 Dec 2003

First Playable Gran Turismo 4 Recalled News

Steering wheel bug sees replacement discs ship.

22 Dec 2003

Polyphony – Taking the absolute petrol out of everyone News

GT4: Prologue line-up a joke. Why bother with anything else…?

23 Oct 2003

World Exclusive: Polyphony working on all-new stand-alone motorbike game News

It's happening - just not in GT4.

20 Oct 2003

Sony denies Motorbike GT4 despite visual evidence News

Man with funny name makes comment

10 Oct 2003

Motorbikes to feature in Gran Turismo 4! Stop everything! News

Bigger than the F1 shock, two wheel action revs up

09 Oct 2003

Gran Turismo 4 bonus disc details, plus GT4 double disc package revelation News

Enjoy a petrol aperitif courtesy of Polyphony.

26 Sep 2003

ECTS - Gran Turismo 4 News

More heavenly racing from Polyphony

27 Aug 2003

Polyphony: 'Ha ha, check out what we do!' News

Bah! There are jobs and there are jobs. And there's hammering racing cars about all day long

01 Aug 2003

Microsoft poised to move key driving sim away from Sega News

Kudos and history not enough to challenge Polyphony.

01 Jul 2003

Gran Turismo 4 truths see figure backdown News

Polyphony reveals still-impressive final stats.

13 Jun 2003

E3 Awards announced News

Non-playable games sweep the board.

11 Jun 2003

Gran Turismo 4 is PlayStation 2 Swansong News

Kazunori closes PS2 doors

20 May 2003

Gran Turismo 4 In Pole Position News

The gran-daddy of racing games revealed

15 May 2003

Gran Turismo 4 screens News

Publishing blunder sees embargo split like a kipper.

06 May 2003

Gran Turismo Update Casts Doubt on PlayStation 3 News

The wait goes on...

01 May 2003

Gran Turismo 4 to feature 2,000 cars and over 100 tracks News

Japanese rumours suggest the next one is going to be big!

14 Apr 2003

Gran Turismo 4 in Volkswagen deal News

Driving aid signed by Germans.

01 Apr 2003

Polyphony: “Car damage possible in Gran Turismo 4” News

Car manufacturers still undecided.

12 Mar 2003

Gran Turismo 4 update News

Dirty secret acknowledged as Polyphony reaches milestone.

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16 May 2002

World Exclusive: GT Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva confirmed for Europe News

Stunning news on GT Concept Euro status.

24 Apr 2002

Dishonour! Gran Turismo Concept Geneva for Japan only News

GT Concept Europe leaves Euro punters shocked.

23 Apr 2002

Gran Turismo 4 Confirmed for PlayStation 2 News

Speculation put to rest as Gran Turismo returns to its rightful home.

15 Apr 2002

GT Amlux Salon! For a Limited Time Only News

Grrr! Another new version of Gran Turismo we’ll never get to play.

12 Mar 2002

Sony confirms Platinum PlayStation 2 range News

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that it will be releasing a budget range of PlayStation 2 software on March 1.

15 Feb 2002

SCE confirms Gran Turismo for PC! News

Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have announced the existence of a Gran Turismo game for PC!

28 Jan 2002

Gran Turismo 4 online confirmed by Sony News

Full details inside!

17 Dec 2001

Gran Turismo Concept screenshot overload News

Strange cars on new track and it's cheap too!

17 Dec 2001

Gran Turismo Concept New Screens News

Drive cars that you've probably never heard of!

15 Nov 2001

“Nothing but 80’s Japanese cars’’ says Gran Turismo creator as future of series takes shape News

Multiple spin-offs planned as Polyphony pleasingly cuts the corner

29 Oct 2001

Gran Turismo 3 Concept Unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show News

An add-on for the amazing GT3 featuring 20 new cars was revealed recently, starring the concept cars that rarely make it into production.

26 Oct 2001

GT3 hits Stateside while Europe prepares News

11 days and counting.

07 Sep 2001

Put on the hot sweet GT3 and prepare for a shock News

Yes, we bring you even more earth-shattering news of GT3's success!

25 Jul 2001

Going Shopping Tomorrow? News

Page 3 girls, free stuff and rock music! A day in the life of a killer app launch.

19 Jul 2001

Gran Turismo 3 PAL Vs NTSC Head to Head News

Testing, testing...one-two, one-two.

19 Jul 2001

Gran Turismo 3 tops the charts in Japan Shocker News

You are not going to belive this!

16 Jul 2001

Sony and Polyphony Make Us Very Happy…again! News

Sony pushed the boat out with their display for GT3. Big plasma screens, six-way link-up, steering wheels and Corbeau racing seats were all featured.

21 May 2001

Countdown to UK Gran Turismo 3 launch plus Secret info News

GT3 blamed for office productivity slump! Game officially banned Shocker.

15 May 2001

Final Gran Turismo 3 A Spec shown in Full Glory News

Finished and polished, GT3 rolls out

02 Apr 2001

Another scratch appears on Polyphony’s perfect paintwork News

GT3 slides again in Japan. Still no word for Europe

28 Feb 2001

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec delayed News

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but unfortunately one the most anticipated PlayStation 2 games Gran Turismo 3 is being put back.

17 Jan 2001

Gran Turismo 3 pre-orders start News

If you’re still unsure about the PlayStation 2, there is one game that will easily make up your mind.

18 Dec 2000

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