Gran Turismo Bikes – Confirmed at last – Details, videos...

Tourist Trophy revealed

Posted by Staff
About two years ago we were at dinner with a representative of Sony Computer Entertainment. They decided to tell us all about a new game for the PlayStation 2, called at the time Gran Turismo Bikes. You can read all about that here.

At the time, the whole thing seemed rather ridiculous. Why would Polyphony bother with such a project, especially when it needed to focus on delivering Gran Turismo 4 and GT Mobile? Well, no one believed the news, which is a shame, as it was (as ever) totally on the money.

The game is now called Tourist Trophy and is, well, exactly what we said it is: Gran Turismo with mechanical horses replacing the usual cars. Shame that Polyphony couldn’t get its online hat on straight - a failure resulting in crossover racing being pulled - but it’s still great news.

Check the game out in all its glory in these two lovely videos:

WVX stream

ASX stream


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