World Exclusive: Polyphony working on all-new stand-alone motorbike game

It's happening - just not in GT4.

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World Exclusive: Polyphony working on all-new stand-alone motorbike game
We can exclusively reveal that Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital is currently working on a top-secret racing game that will feature only motorbikes.

This incredible news comes off the back of intense speculation that Gran Turismo 4 would feature two-wheeled vehicles, following press sightings of the GT4 dev team trailing bikes during a recent US media trip.

Today we explain the truth…

Gran Turismo 4 will not feature bikes. And yet more than 100 bikes have been put through the full Polyphony treatment.

This is because the petrol mad outfit is currently making a game carrying the tentative title Gran Turismo Bikes, a moniker likely to change when the game is officially announced.

Specifically, a massive arcade mode-centred game is underway, aiming to become the two-wheeled equivalent to Gran Turismo 4.

Licensed bikes already signed include offerings from Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Harley Davidson.

Tracks will be mainly formed from what is already on offer from Polyphony, although several new circuits are being considered.

The game is already in development for PlayStation 2 and is intended to fill the gap between Gran Turismo 4, due early next year, and Gran Turismo 5, not expected until mid-2006.

Gran Turismo Bikes, according to globally synchronised briefings held by Sony Computer Entertainment in recent weeks, is scheduled for worldwide release in time for Christmas 2005.

An insider told us, “There is going to be an almost unbridgeable gap between the release of GT4 and the next true game in the series. GT Bikes is intended to fill the gap, as well as bolster the perception of Polyphony, and steal some online gaming traffic in the process.”

Indeed, the game will be fully online enabled, will feature voice functionality and is currently being integrated into existing Gran Turismo 4 online code, with the result being a crossover game that will see cars and bikes racing on equal terms, all online.

Our source continued, “The only thing not being explained is how exactly the game will work. How collisions and dismounts will be handled and so on. Given we know this much, it seems strange that this integral element has been kept back…”

Be assured that we will bring you full details on this massive game in the coming months.


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