Gran Turismo - PSP

Got packs, screens, info?
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Racing: Car
Media: Custom optical disc Arcade origin:No
Developer: Polyphony Soft. Co.: SCEJ
Publishers: SCEE (GB/GB/GB)
Released: 11 Jun 2010 (GB)
1 Oct 2009 (GB)
Unknown (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
Accessories: Wireless Compatible


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Gran Turismo for PSP (previously called Gran Turismo 4 Mobile) was announced back in 2004 at the time the PSP itself was originally announced. So it must rank as one of the most highly awaited game in the PSP's history. Sony and developers Polyphony finally demonstrated the game in playable form at E3 2009, and the game got scheduled for release as a launch title for the PSP Go, but a UMD version will keep traditional PSP owners happy.

Although the PSP is a diminutive console, there is nothing diminutive about Grant Turismo. The game features 800 cars - that's around 100 more than GT4 had on PS3. For the first time, Ferrari cars will appear in a Gran Turismo game, as will Japan's home-grown Ferrari beater, the Nissan GT-R. There are 35 tracks sourced from Polyphony's previous games, most of which can be raced in reverse, to create 60 driving routes. The game's physics engine is based on Polyphony's most cutting edge work, for Gran Turismo 5.

Unlike GT4, GT (PSP) will not have an open-ended maps system, but will require users to compete in and complete races in order to advance, thereby delivering a traditional GT experience that owners of any one of the first three games in the series will be familiar with. Gran Turismo has delivered the definitive driving game on the PlayStation platform, and now it looks set to do exactly the same on the PSP.

Network options enable up to four player to race head to head in ad-hoc wireless mode and connect to the PlayStation Network by piggy backing on a PS3 network connection using adhoc Party for PlayStation Portable.