Gran Turismo 5 Details Released then Pulled

Crash deformation, and release date?

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Gran Turismo 5 Details Released then Pulled
Polyphony Digital had, it appears from this cached version, released lots of lovely info regarding GT 5 for Gamescom.

Along with this, the GTplanet site also pointed out that a flyer for the game handed out at the German event declared Q4 2009 as the release window for the much anticipated racer. Whether this is the fiscal fourth quarter, and whether is Japanese fiscal or US fiscal, or simply October to December isn't clear.

Among the details included in the now-pulled statement are:

- 1,000 vehicles including
- "170 premium model types (interior, corresponding to the damage)."
- 840 'standard models' that have already appeared in GT4.
- The Tesla is included.
- 20 courses and 60 layouts.
- Direct to Youtube uploads.

So, it appears - and we say this with a note of caution - that only 170 vehicles have full damage.


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