Gran Turismo 5 – No Crash Damage, Possibly Out Late 2008

So says genius petrolhead Kaz Yamauchi

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Kazunori Yamauchi, Genius Petrolhead
Kazunori Yamauchi, Genius Petrolhead
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Kazunori Yamauchi, (pictured right), head of Polyphony Digital and the genius petrolhead behind the mighty Gran Turismo series, has gone on record to state that Gran Turismo 5 may not be released until late 2008. He's also gone on record to state that the game will NOT contain crash damage on launch.

In an interview in the latest issue of leading US magazine, Car and Driver, Yamauchi also talks at length about Polyphony’s studio and the demanding, creative culture behind the game, revealing that some devs on the team have cots with sleeping bags under their desks to take power naps.

GT5 is currently scheduled to be released in Spring 2008 but Yamauchi reveals that Sony is giving them as much time as they need and that the main thing is that he wants it done right.

Yamauchi also reveals that for GT1, one car was one day’s work for one man, for GT3 it was one man’s work for 30 days, and for GT5 one car is one man’s work for 180 days!

Additional cars, content and game upgrades will also be made available as downloads following the game’s release. One of the most revealing things here is that crash damage – while not being included in the game initially – may well be made available as a future downloadable upgrade.

According to the mag, “Yamauchi never intended GT to appeal to a mass audience. He believed only a real otaku, or hobby fanatic, would take the time to explore it’s many nooks and crannies. Indeed, the first version was altered for the U.S. market to make it more accessible.”

The original game was tweaked by Taku Imasaki for American buyers by speeding up the game by 25%, changed the gravity so cars flew longer, and added the instant-play option. Apparently, Imasaki’s changes didn’t win him many friends at Polyphony.

source: Car and Driver magazine


hollywooda 2 Jul 2007 11:45
The way things are going for the playstation they might as well rebrand the PS3 as (what it is) a cheap blu ray player & then the games should be ready for the PS4 launch!.......maybe.
haritori 2 Jul 2007 12:10
sony should of avoided this console launch until next year when the price of components would be cheaper, when hdtv is more accessible in europe and the east and most of all when games could be ready, surly they could of rode the ps2 success until end of 2008 for a ps3 release which i reckon would make more business sense and possibly made the ps3 a success.
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TigerUppercut 2 Jul 2007 13:25
I just typed out a long rant.

No need. One picture says it all:

Joji 2 Jul 2007 15:28
No crash damage! If that's the case, I certainly won't bother with it. get with the times Sony/Polyphony.

Damn, Forza 2 and Dirt are looking like real sweet options now.

No point musing over it, PS3 is dead in the water, only Sony can change it's fate but the temple of greed blinds them.

If it were me, I'd get God of War 3 whipped up, cut the price of PS3 by £100 and level things out.
TigerUppercut 3 Jul 2007 17:05
Joji wrote:
No crash damage! If that's the case, I certainly won't bother with it. get with the times Sony/Polyphony.

It's not a deal-breaker for me, that's for sure. I'm not really that bothered. GT has non-visual damage (car failing/under-performing/not handling) crash physics built-in which is more important han what it looks like.

The frustrating part is that Polyphony, who did invent the sub-genre, was unable for all those years to sign deals with the auto manufacturers allowing them to show car damage. In the meantime, new-comers have walked in and had the same deal signed off.

The problem now is that PD has to start from the ground up coding in the damage at a time when every single element of the game takes massively longer to code. So I would imagine that as the studio is somewhat struggling to get games out the door as they stand, the idea of coding in a bunch of crash data is not exactly appealing, especially as it is basically a first for them.

On a wider note, comparing Forza and GT isn't really that fair when the complete picture is looked at as a whole. Microsoft WILL pump as much money into Forza games as the studio demands. Given the current climate, a MASSIVE Gran Turismo cost hitting SCE's anual report is likely to piss off a bunch of shareholders who have proven themselves to be short-termist and quick to anger. Thing is, there comes a point when the cost of development for GT needs to be rationalised against installed hardware. With a PS2 version, there was always going to be enough people wih machines ready to buy GT. Now things have changed.

Sony needs to hit with a price-cut, hammer Christmas sales and just get boxes out there.
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