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The company has been involved titles released on the Apple II.

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On Film: iOS Controller Mimics Xbox's News

Apple getting a boost for 'real gamers' from third-party

24 Feb 2014

Watch Out Microsoft! Apple Now Owns Kinect Maker News

Details of the deal finally released to the world as Apple now owns a major player in Xbox One success

25 Nov 2013

Watch Out Microsoft! Apple Seals Kinect Maker Buy Out News

Apple has closed the deal we reported in July

18 Nov 2013

Apple Likely to Unveil New iPads Next Week News

Will compete with Microsoft's Surface launch

16 Oct 2013

Apple Denies Paying Off EA for Game Delay News

Things could get legal between the two old buddies

25 Sep 2013

Apple Shows Off Real Time Solid 3D Car Racing Game News

Actual cars in actual racing using AI...

10 Sep 2013

Rumour Watch: Apple to Launch "Joypad" News

For some reason the iPad and iPhone aren't eating enough out of the traditional gaming market.

02 Apr 2013

Nintendo Rejects Accusations that Wii U Copied the iPad News

Ideas for Wii U began in 2008.

14 Jan 2013

Rumour: New iPad Models Arriving in Spring News

Grab those pitchforks!

14 Jan 2013

Microsoft Xbox Group Beats Apple and Google to Buy Secretive Start-Up News

Microsoft acquires Blake Krikorian's remote controller start-up

03 Jan 2013

Xbox SmartGlass App Now Available on iOS News

Now we can all use it!

07 Nov 2012

Apple Unveils iPad Mini, Along With iPad 4 News

The rumour mill couldn't sniff out all of Apple's announcements.

24 Oct 2012

Apple Sets iPad Mini Announcement for October 23 News

Tech company expected to unveil updates to other products too.

17 Oct 2012

Microsoft Readies Surface ARM Tablet - Prices Below iPad News

£399 for Windows RT tablet with 32GB storage.

17 Oct 2012

Apple Unveils iPhone 5 - Better for Gaming News

EA demonstrates Real Racing 3 at press event.

13 Sep 2012

iPad Mini Images Leaked News

French site claims Chinese site's images are the real thing.. maybe

12 Sep 2012

Gabe Newell on How Microsoft Will Hasten its Own Decline News

Also - how EA nearly bought Valve

10 Sep 2012

Apple Patents NFC Tech for iOS Game Controller Use News

iPhones and iPads could communicate with other devices directly.

27 Jul 2012

Report: Xbox 360 'Most Popular Video Player in US' News

Says an advertising company.

11 May 2012

Apple CEO Visits Valve - Internet Speculates News

It's a console! It's a TV! It's a something something!

16 Apr 2012

Sex Offenders 'Purged' from Xbox Live & PlayStation Network News

Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, Disney Interactive, Blizzard and Apple also involved as paedophiles have accounts suspended in New York State

06 Apr 2012

"The New iPad" - Epic Gets Infinity Blade Dungeons Out News

Infinity Blade gets a follow-up...

08 Mar 2012

Eyes off Pokeballs as Scam Pokemon Game Hits App Store News

Not one, but two fake Pikachu games on iOS.

20 Feb 2012

Apple Takes Action Over iOS Data Breaches News

"Explicit Approval" required by apps to access user data

16 Feb 2012

Apple Threatens Cheating iOS Developers With License Removal News

Rise in "bot farming" reportedly to blame.

07 Feb 2012

Game On as Apple Snaffles Key Xbox Live Exec News

Robin Burrowes skips over to iOS world...

02 Feb 2012

iPad 3 - on Sale in March not According to Apple News

Apple's new tablet gets launch window... not from Apple sadly

16 Jan 2012

ESRB to Rate Mobile Apps - Apple Will Not Be a Part of Scheme News

United States games rating board jumps on Android and Windows Phone

29 Nov 2011

Apple Wants Your Living Room, Says Newell News

Gabe talks about the future like the Russell Grant of video games

12 Oct 2011

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dies aged 56 News

The man who brought games into mainstream culture

06 Oct 2011

Cooking Apple: iPod Touch More Gaming Great than Nintendo or Sony News

Tell us about the numbers, Tim

05 Oct 2011

Infinity Blade II Shows Off iPhone 4S Power News

Smartphone beefcake revealed at Apple campus last night.

05 Oct 2011

Apple "Hated Video Games" Says Xbox Man News

We know that, they made the Pippin.

07 Sep 2011

Steve Jobs Steps Down as Apple CEO News

Tim Cook steps in to replace him

25 Aug 2011

Gaikai CEO: Apple Biggest Threat to Consoles News

Cloud-based gaming not really a threat.

09 Aug 2011

Apple Sells 9 Million iPads in 3 Months News

20 million iPhones fly off the shelves in the same time.

20 Jul 2011

EA Slams Apple's App Store News

It's in freefall. Makes PopCap and Chillingo purchases more interesting

14 Jul 2011

AppStore Ups Prices Nibble

14 Jul 2011

'Flash in the Pan News': 15 Billion Downloads for 200 Million iOS Devices News

Maybe Jack Tretton should look at those figures...

07 Jul 2011

USA Government Questions Apple Over Stored iPad and iPhone Location Data News

Why does it have it? What is it for?

27 Apr 2011

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Beat Apple in Harris Poll News

Apple not king of the hill

13 Apr 2011

Apple Mistake Leads to Delayed iPad 2 UK Ship News

Apple denies it...

22 Mar 2011

Amazon Germany Outs iPad 2 - Bluetooth and 'Camera' News

1.2Ghz processor - could be a hoax

02 Mar 2011

Apple TV to Bring Games News

As ever, no big deal made yet as Apple to extend reach

10 Feb 2011

Apple's Mac App Store Already Being Plundered News

Angry Birds namechecked as a popular pirated title.

07 Jan 2011

Ballmer: Xbox is "Most Popular Young Consumer Brand" News

More popular than iPhone and iPad, apparently.

07 Jan 2011

Apple Launches Mac App Store News

LEGO Harry Potter and Angry Birds lead Games category.

06 Jan 2011

Star Wars Arcade Brings Augmented Reality Gaming to iPhone News

"Great, kid. Don't get cocky!"

18 Nov 2010

Apple's Jobs Turned Down Bungie Buy News

No idea why he was so angry then

27 Oct 2010

Microsoft Angered Apple With Bungie Buyout News

Business Evolved.

26 Oct 2010

Cor! Sony Shares Rise on Apple Rumour News

Hilarity in Rumours: Apple 'to Buy Out' Sony

26 Oct 2010

Apple Announces App Store for Mac News

Gaming could benefit.

21 Oct 2010

New SDK Brings iPhone & Android Games to Sony PSP News

Minis could benefit.

06 Oct 2010

Apple: iPod Touch #1 Games Handheld, 'Game Center' Inbound News

"Outsells Sony and Nintendo hardware combined."

02 Sep 2010

Apple Delays UK iPad Launch News

Consumer in demand in the USA overrides Blighty

14 Apr 2010

Apple Announces Game Center For iPhone OS 4 News

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to get matchmaking and achievements

09 Apr 2010

Steam Beta Hints At Mac OS X Support News

Images and menu files point to future support.

26 Feb 2010

Sony Plans To Challenge Apple's iPad News

Is happy with its Sony Readers right now though.

04 Feb 2010

Nintendo's Iwata Scoffs at iPad News

Sony's thinks it going to be a gateway machine though

01 Feb 2010

Nintendo President Shrugs Off iPad, 3D Gaming News

Suggests people will look silly wearing 3D glasses.

29 Jan 2010

Epic Games Unreal for iPad News

Mark Rein is jolly impressed with it.

28 Jan 2010

iPads in Test at Cupertino Reveal Huge Gaming Content News

Apple's iPad Snooped with Loads of Game Apps

25 Jan 2010

Apple's iTablet to Get EA Games News

Companies in talks.

21 Jan 2010

Apple to Drive Mobile Gaming - Nintendo, Sony Have Peaked News

DS and PSP sales have peaked apparently

23 Oct 2009

Censors to Certify iPhone Games News

Has a monster task ahead of itself if it does.

22 Oct 2009

Xbox to Close Apple's Video on Demand Lead News

An analyst says so.

16 Sep 2009

Apple Slams Sony and Nintendo Handhelds News

Fighting talk from the music player manufacturer.

10 Sep 2009

PlayStation Slams Apple's "Hobbyist" Developers News

Harsh words from Sony man

07 Sep 2009

Apple's Tablet a Game Device Claims Report News

And a Kindle beater and a tea-maker

04 Aug 2009

Apple Attempts to Silence Exploding iPod Girl News

Would pay up if Liverpool family stayed quiet

03 Aug 2009

iPhone gets Sony PSP and Nintendo DS Emulation News

Not official emulator

26 Jun 2009

Apple's Game Console Definitely Rumoured! News

And that's for sure.

07 May 2009

Video Stokes iPhone World of Warcraft Rumour News

And company's website is down

27 Apr 2009

iPhone Getting In-Game Paid DLC News

Plus: better local multi-player and more

18 Mar 2009

Now Apple to Develop 'Wii Wand' News

Patent for Apple TV controller revealed

13 Mar 2009

iPhone Game Dev Time Slowing News

More complex titles in the works

21 Jan 2009

Mainstream Media: PSP and DS Should Fear iPhone this Xmas News

Interesting take on gaming

04 Nov 2008

Jobs' iPod Challenge to Sony and Nintendo News

iPod is the best portable gaming device

10 Sep 2008

SEGA: Treating the iPhone Like DS and PSP News

The future's touching...

07 Aug 2008

iPhone's Super Monkey Ball: Less Than 10 Dollars News

3G iPhone available in the next 'several' months.

09 Jun 2008

Spore and Super Monkey Ball for iPhone News

iPhone SDK released

06 Mar 2008

Apple Gaming iPod On The Way? News

Trademark filing sparks 'iGame' rumours

11 Feb 2008

PlayStation on Your iPhone and iPod Touch! News

Mmmm homebrew.

11 Dec 2007

iPhone Opens To Game Developers? News

Development kit for 2008....

18 Oct 2007

Apple Unveils New Gaming iPods News

It's September, which means it's new iPod time again

06 Sep 2007

Apple's iPhone Gets Nintendo Emulator News

Classic NES games of the day make their way to Apple's new piece of kit

07 Aug 2007

Apple Gets Gaming Push News

EA and iD Software step up at Apple conference

12 Jun 2007

Bill Gates On New Xbox Controls News

Speaks out in “Bill and Steve Jobs Excellent Adventure”

05 Jun 2007

Apple Dips Toe in iPod Pay-to-Play Gaming News

iTunes delivers some classics.

13 Sep 2006

Brand Loyalty Survey - Microsoft Faces Toughest Future News

Do you trust these brands?

30 Mar 2006

Apple to Introduce iGame Portable Gaming Device? News

Leaked EGM report full of holes.

10 Mar 2006

Doom III for the mighty Mac revealed News

Gore and scariness available on the machine you love to hate

04 Nov 2004

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