Apple Taking on Sony Again: 3D Gaming for IOS Devices

Taking on Sony...

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A big iPhone today
A big iPhone today
Toy manufacturer Hasbro Inc. is due to unveil a handheld device to investors today that will allow 3D viewing on IOS devices including the iPod and iPhone.

The device will enable users to view 3D content, virtual travel experiences and "additional entertainment content" - yes games such as Epic's Infinity Blade for example. The gizmo which looks remarkably like a pair of binoculars will cost $30 and allows users to insert their iPod or iPhone into the device to utilise the 3D capabilities. The device will go on sale form spring next year.

Hasbro will also team up with a 3D television network which will include content from Discovery, Sony and Imax in order to allow viewers to view trailers and behind-the-scenes segments from upcoming films of as much as 20 minutes.

Interested in the potential of My3D? Any thoughts, feel free to post them down below.

Source: Yahoo


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