It’s Official: iOS Gamers Smarter Than Android

Traffic Wonder global leaderboard reveals smartest touchscreen owners; BlackBerry PlayBook players split the two dominant formats

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Independent developer Yo Ambulante has revealed a fascinating insight into the collective skills of the various touchscreen device owners – and can confirm once and for all that iOS owners are the smartest of the bunch.

That’s the finding from the initial global leaderboard for the firm’s brilliant Traffic Wonder game – a title which combines design elegance and fiendish design to create one of the most inventive puzzlers of recent times.

In its first two weeks of launch, just under 12,000 players from 108 countries have submitted scores and statistics to the global leaderboards. Out of the top 20 players worldwide, nine have been playing Traffic Wonder on an iOS device, whilst seven BlackBerry PlayBook owners occupy the top 20 – and just three on Android. The last entry into the top 20 is playing on home computer.

The game tasks players with guiding coloured vehicles into their respective garages – without crashing or running out of fuel.

“The first 14 days have been really fascinating,” says Alex Nino, developer, Yo Ambulante. “Given the smaller market for BlackBerry PlayBook when compared to iOS and Android devices, they are doing very well for themselves. “

An astonishing 437,476 crashes were registered in those 14 days, and only 22 players worldwide have managed to complete all 60 levels. In total, 8,933,744,736 in-game metres have been driving – with the game’s environmentally conscious players managing to save a total of 61,776,264 in-game litres of fuel.

“The game introduces environmental considerations when it comes to saving fuel,” continues Alex. “Factors such as slowing down for tight corners, or taking the least direct route will affect the total score. We hope that these subtle gameplay features help educate our players that fuel is a valuable commodity.”

Other Traffic Wonder stats include:
43,769 bonus boxes collected
23,468 ‘Stop Hands’ used
76,884 medals earned
8,933,744 in-game kilometres driven in total

Please note: all stats correct as of 9:00pm BST, 27th March 2012

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