Spore and Super Monkey Ball for iPhone

iPhone SDK released

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Spore and Super Monkey Ball for iPhone
Apple launched its iPhone development kit today - along with a $100 million (50m) "iFund" to help support development on iPhone and iPodTouch.

Serious money. Apple is also appealing to a wide range of devs. From a gamers level, it would appear that Apple knows its demographic with Will Wright's 'evolution simulator' Spore available in September. Lots of lovely motion-sensing fun is also due with an iRemake of Super Monkey Ball also mooted. The last time we saw that was on Wii (review here).

Okay, so back in January this year we reported on Spore for the Mac, but to see it for iPhone is still new step in mobile gaming.

Source: Engadget


deleted 7 Mar 2008 16:15
now all we need is the iPhone to be on other networks a prepaid version, true 3rd party development allowed, ie homebrew stuff, and when it starts to outsell the DS then it will be worth good games.
The Absinthe Review Network 10 Mar 2008 11:05
Pretty impressive stuff given they've only had 2 short weeks to work on it. It'll be interesting to see what iPhone can produce when the full potential has been tapped...
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