Watch Out Microsoft! Apple Seals Kinect Maker Buy Out

Apple has closed the deal we reported in July

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Watch Out Microsoft! Apple Seals Kinect Maker Buy Out
As we reported back in July, that Apple was going to buy Kinect maker, Israeli-based PrimeSense. Well, the deal has finally been done - in the very month that Microsoft launches Xbox One with its all new Kinect 2.

In July we reported that, "(Apple) The tech giant is weighing a bid “probably” in the ballpark of $280 million... Top Apple engineering execs visited Tel Aviv, Israel-based PrimeSense in early July." Now Reuters reports that:

"Apple has bought PrimeSense, an Israeli maker of chips that enable three-dimensional (3D) machine vision, for $345 million (213 million pounds), the Calcalist financial newspaper reported on Sunday without citing sources.

"PrimeSense has raised $85 million from Israeli and U.S. venture capital funds such as Canaan Partners Global, Gemini Israel and Genesis Partners, Calcalist said."

We have no idea how this will affect Microsoft's deal. More when we do.

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CluckCluckStop 18 Nov 2013 15:15
I doubt it will make much difference to Kinect 1 and 2 because contracts must have been signed allowing Microsoft to do whatever they want within the scope of those contracts. The company changing hands shouldn't affect existing contracts at all. The buy out might affect Kinect 3 (assuming there are plans for it) and might prevent it from ever happening. Of course if you're not a fan of Kinect then this isn't necessarily a bad thing!
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