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Full name: Apple Computer, Inc

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

The company has been involved titles released on the Apple II.

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#1 Mobile Gaming Publisher to Optimize Key Titles for iPhone 5

13 Sep 2012

It’s Official: iOS Gamers Smarter Than Android

Traffic Wonder global leaderboard reveals smartest touchscreen owners; BlackBerry PlayBook players split the two dominant formats

02 Apr 2012

Apple Approves Infamous Horror Film Director's First App for iOS

Herschell Gordon Lewis and ZombieActive Games today introduce Hollyweird Zombies 1.0 for iOS

30 Mar 2012

Apple Introduces iPod Mini

Smallest 1,000 song music player ever comes in five colours.

07 Jan 2004

Apple introduces wireless keyboard & mouse

Adaptive frequency hopping & bluetooth technology provide reliable & secure connections to Macs.

18 Sep 2003

Apple introduces new 15-inch PowerBook

Joins new 17 and 12 inch models to complete PowerBook line.

18 Sep 2003

Apple introduces new 20GB and 40GB iPods

Up to 10,000 songs in your pocket.

09 Sep 2003

iTunes Music Store sells ten millionth song

Four months in, and Avril Lavigne is at number 10,000,000.

09 Sep 2003

iTunes Music Store sells over one million songs in first week

Apple today announced that its revolutionary iTunes Music Store sold over one million songs during its first week.

06 May 2003

Apple introduces new iPods

Holds up to 7,500 songs, yet lighter than two CDs.

29 Apr 2003

Apple launches the iTunes Music Store for U.S. Customers

iTunes 4 and iTunes Music Store available as free download now.

29 Apr 2003

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