Rob Saunders

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Born: 1979

A self-confessed avid gamer, playing Super Mario Bros 3 at the age of 12, it's fitting that Saunder's career in video games began at Nintendo. Working as an intern while studying at Cardiff University, Rob later took on the full-time position of PR Manager at Nintendo UK in 2004.

This was a uncertain time, with the arguable failure of the GameCube a very recent memory, Rob had challenging days ahead managing the release of the information regarding the enigmatic "Revolution", later released as the Wii, and the handlheld DS consoles.

With successful marketing and the runaway sales of both consoles to back that up, Saunders had barely got the launch of the DS's successor, the 3DS, barely out of the door when he announced he was leaving Nintendo. Shortly after it was revealed that he was taking up a new role at Apple, understood to be focusing on PR for apps on the company's range of iOS products.

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