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Full name: Sony Computer Entertainment International

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

SCEI's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1998 title, "Baby Universe" (PlayStation).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, PS3, PS2, PSP and PlayStation. Of these, "Shadow of the Colossus" (PS2), "Patapon 2" (PSP), "Days Gone" (PS4), "Ratchet & Clank" (PS4), "The Last of Us" (PS4) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2020 release "Predator: Hunting Grounds" (PS4).

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30 Nov 2007

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Sony Slashes PS3 Development Costs News

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New PSP Firmware 3.70 - Available Now News

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11 Sep 2007

The Global Console War: Latest Battle Statistics News

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PS3 Dual Shock 3 in October? First Image Inside News

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Sony Japan Slashes Price of PS3 News

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Tokyo Taxman Chasing Sony Computer Entertainment News

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PlayStation Wine Glass, Lifestyle Stuff - Pictures News

PlayStation Square - lifestyle accessories shop opens

01 Jun 2006

PSP Video Calls on the Cards News

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PS3 worldwide ship in November 2006 News

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Kutaragi PS3 Announcement Tomorrow News

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Sony confirms PlayStation 3 slippage possible. March 2007 for Europe. News

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Pioneer: Sony to Ship 4–7 Million PlayStation 3s in First Year News

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CES Fallout: Sony expected to herald "next gen 1.5" News

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4,000 PS3 dev kits shipped – Stringer hints at retail slippage News

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Sony to sell 200 million PS3s News

Plus pigs also to fly, according to Business Week magazine

27 Dec 2005

Red Faces at Sony: We've Forgotten How to Make PS2s News

New PSTwo model features include 'silverosity'...and 'not-working-ness'

24 Oct 2005

10 Million PSPs Shipped Worldwide News

Sony handheld hits first major milestone.

21 Oct 2005

Brick Emulator For PSP Released News

Malicious entity circulates first ever handheld Trojan.

07 Oct 2005

Hard Drive-enabled Next-gen PSP Looms? News

Sony sets sights on iPod.

30 Sep 2005

Hackers Dupe Sony, Release Firmware 2.0 Downgrade Patch News

Game on as SCEI’s best efforts undone.

28 Sep 2005

PlayStation 3 PC Convergence Continues News

Keyboard and mouse support confirmed.

02 Sep 2005

PS3: Specification Speculation Continues News

Another day, another frothing fanboy fiesta. Today, Blu-Ray disc drives.

03 Aug 2005

PlayStation 3xpensive Playable at TGS News

First hands-on looms as pricing fears mount.

27 Jul 2005

Kutaragi: “What will in fact enter the home is a Cell-based computer” News

SCE show complete transparency on PlayStation 3 planning.

19 Jul 2005

New EyeToy Model Revealed News

It’s slimmer. And…

01 Jul 2005

PlayStation in Europe: Q1 2006 News

Reeves makes bold claims.

21 Jun 2005

Shadow of the Colossus Explained News

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21 Jun 2005

PSP Not for Wankers - Official News

PSP Porn – ooh, the scandal!

17 Jun 2005

Sony on PlayStation 3: Hard Disk Possible, Dildopad Remains! News

Masayuki Chatani makes cryptic comments inside.

02 Jun 2005

Power to the PSP News

Battery life shortfalls addressed by third-party manufacturers and Sony rearguard action.

23 May 2005

Big Names of the Small Screen - Widespread Support for PSP News

Polyphony, Square Enix classics and more on the way.

19 May 2005

Japan Trumps Europe – Shows Beautiful Ceramic White PSTwo News

EU gloating limited to a week.

09 May 2005

Playstation 3 Showing Cancelled at Last Minute In Japan News

Speculation confirmed as next-gen meeting pulled.

30 Mar 2005

Dual Shock For Sony as Case is Lost and PS2 Pulled News

Judge relents – no withdrawal.

29 Mar 2005

Pre-E3 Console Showdown Excitement News

Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 GDC banter emerges.

01 Mar 2005

Sony to Offer PSP Button Defect Recall News

Full explanation of sticky button syndrome inside.

22 Feb 2005

Suspicions Confirmed as PSP set to see Battery Upgrade News

Lithium ion capabilities upped – PSP natural frontrunner.

16 Feb 2005

Sony Ramps up PSP UMD Movie Trial, Announces Four Titles News

SPHE backing Portable PlayStation.

14 Feb 2005

Internet speculation leads to pre-E3 PlayStation 3 showing News

It’s that time of year again…

10 Feb 2005

A year behind schedule, can the PlayStation 3’s Cell shrug off vapourware claims? News

Bold claims back strong ISSCC showing – PlayStation 3 launch timeframe revealed

08 Feb 2005

More Cell performance claims emerge News

Clock speed, temp, and anti-piracy routines emerge

07 Feb 2005

New PlayStation 3 claims emerge. Incredible expectations laid down News

SCE’s mysterious Cell – The latest chapter in the saga

04 Feb 2005

PSP Launches in Japanland! See Pictures of People Queuing Inside! News

Is that a games console in your pocket or are you just pleased to be feeling the cold?

13 Dec 2004

PSP Battery Life – Hands-on Truth Revealed Inside! News

Insert drum roll here as key question answered inside.

13 Dec 2004

Shock as SCE announced NVIDIA partnership News

Yet still the PlayStation 3 fails to achieve tangibility

07 Dec 2004

PSP set to miss Japanese 2004 slot? Sony report opens the door for delay... News

Financial report suggests possible portable dream slip.

30 Jun 2004

E3 Round-up: West Hall uncovered: Nintendo genius overpowers Sony News

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PlayStation 2 Ghost in the Shell revealed! News

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PS2 sees massive sales jump in Japan News

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Sony shows massive PlayStation 2 schedule News

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30 Jul 2003

PlayStation Conference tonight? News

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29 Jul 2003

PlayStation 3 Dated and Processor Manufacturer Announced. Sony Denies All News

What is going on with PlayStation 3? Sony chases its tail in an attempt to find out.

01 May 2003

Games make up a third of Sony News

Massive profit shown as PlayStation proves Christmas winner

29 Jan 2003

Tokyo Game Show titles revealed News

See what our sushi-loving gaming brethren will be playing!

10 Sep 2002

E3 award nominations revealed News

Let the arguments commence!

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Badly Drawn Rabbit Ahoy! News

Stranger than Vib Ribbon: it’s Vib Ribbon 2!!!

26 Mar 2002

Eidos launches new Japanese brand for US and Europe News

Fresh Games to bring breakthrough Japanese titles to the international market

31 Jan 2002

Sony Crumbles Under Emulation Pressure News

Sony buys out Connectix.

16 Mar 2001

Happy Birthday, PS2! News

One year on, still going strong.

17 Feb 2001

Happy Birthday, PS2! News

One year on, still going strong.

17 Feb 2001

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