Father of PlayStation Replaced

Ken Kutaragi is replaced by Kaz Hirai and his "strong leadership skills".

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Ken Kutaragi - new challenges<br>Picture courtesy of www.digitalworldtokyo.com
Ken Kutaragi - new challenges
Picture courtesy of www.digitalworldtokyo.com
In a carefully worded statement released earlier today, Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated (SCEI) says that it has replaced ?father of the PlayStation?, Ken Kutaragi, as its president. Kutaragi moves upstairs to become chairman - he retains his role as CEO.

Kutaragi?s replacement, as of December 1st, is Kaz Hirai, currently President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). Hirai's title will be President and Group COO of SCEI. His current role is taken by Jack Tretton, currently SCEA executive vice-president and co-chief operating officer.

Sony?s release makes a strong point that, ?Ken Kutaragi will continue to oversee the entire SCE Group as chief executive officer, and will fully exercise his power to reinforce and further accelerate the development of the PlayStation business.?

'Oversee' is the key word here ? it can be read as code for ?hands-off? effectively meaning that Kutaragi loses day-to-day control of the division responsible for the PlayStation line up.

Bear in mind that it was only in September this year that SPOnG reported Kutaragi as saying, "If you asked me if Sony's strength in hardware was in decline, right now I guess I would have to say that might be true."

This level of control goes to Hirai who, as Sony remarks, ?In his new capacity as President and Group COO of the entire SCE Group, he will bring his strong leadership skills and experience to fulfill his responsibilities as head of operations worldwide.?

Sony?s front bench reshuffle is obviously going to be related to ongoing PS3 launch delays and supply-line issues in all areas.

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