Bobby Kotick

Born: 1963

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Activision Reignites Always-On Console Row News

Robert Kotick reveals the truth behind the faux shock

02 Aug 2013

Bobby Kotick Hits Out at Critics - Says They are "A Small Number" News

Claims he does play games... Skylanders

17 Dec 2012

Kotick Crew Looking to Buy Activision News

"Activision executives, including CEO Robert Kotick, are interested in such a deal..."

20 Jul 2012

Ex-Activision Director Told To "Dig Up Dirt On Jason and Vince" By Legal Officer News

Best plot either EA or Activision have ever come up with

17 May 2012

Bobby Kotick Wants More TV-Style Scripted Game Content News

Activision CEO thinks watching scripted content is the future

07 Dec 2011

Activision's Kotick: Star Wars Won't Make EA Cash News

Star Wars: The Old Republic

29 Nov 2011

Riccitiello On Kotick: We Got His Goat News

Modern Warfare vs Battlefield gets more childish

13 Jun 2011

Activision CEO Closing on MySpace Purchase News

Not part of Activision

10 Jun 2011

See How Bobby Kotick Kept his Job as Activision CEO News

The votes are in.

09 Jun 2011

Activision's Kotick Rails Against UK Government News

UK Game Tax Break Failure 'A Mistake'

04 Jan 2011

Kotick: Treyarch Doesn't Get Enough Credit for Call of Duty News

'Second' CoD studio was actually behind multiplayer side.

23 Dec 2010

EA Boss Has No Sympathy for Activision's Kotick News

Pins them for their "horrific mistakes"

22 Dec 2010

Kotick: Defends "Gamers' Interests" News

Slams pre-owned charges

15 Nov 2010

EA on Kotick: He's Destroying Activision Games News

Electronic Arts comes out fighting

28 Sep 2010

Kotick: Nobody Wants to Work for EA News

Activision boss claims rival has lost its way.

27 Sep 2010

Kotick: Bungie Had No Alternative to Activision News

But what do data centres and World of Warcraft have to do with it?

24 Sep 2010

Activision Wants to Sell Cutscenes for $30 News

Just when you thought things were getting pleasant

16 Sep 2010

Schafer: No Brutal Legend 2, But Double Fine Would Love to Self-Publish News

Studio boss discusses Double Fine's publishing future

15 Jul 2010

Activision: Bobby Kotick Just Doesn't Have Time for Games News

Activision sort of responds to Schafer 'total prick' comments

15 Jul 2010

Schafer Dubs Activision's Bobby Kotick 'a Total Prick' News

And a dick, and generally bad for the games industry

14 Jul 2010

Activision To Prepare Its Own 'Xbox Live' For PCs News

Needs to get more PCs hooked up to TVs first.

05 Jul 2010

Activision: Call of Duty Players "Clamouring" For MMO News

CEO hopes that a subscription-based model can be added.

21 Jun 2010

Activision Insider: Modern Warfare 2 DLC Pricing "A Mistake" News

Also thinks Bobby Kotick should keep it zipped every now and then.

22 Apr 2010

Kotick: Harmonix was a Failed Developer News

Until Guitar Hero

19 Feb 2010

Activision's Kotick on Blizzard Purchase: "That's Insane!" News

Seven million dollars... crazy money.

19 Jan 2010

Activision 'Sticking With' DJ Hero News

CEO says the game is an "innovative product".

18 Jan 2010

A $20million Day for Bobby Kotick News

Share sales galore make for a happy CEO.

12 Nov 2009

Activision: Guitar Hero Turns $50 into $500 News

Huge margins

15 Sep 2009

Bobby Kotick to the Defence! Nibble

21 Aug 2009

Activision's Kotick Makes $22 Million in Two Days News

That's how me makes the big bucks

17 Aug 2009

Activision vs EA vs Take Two: CEO Earnings Check News

Who gets the big bucks - and why does Take Two's Feder only earn one dollar?

11 Aug 2009

PlayStation Bust-Up: Sony Putting Pressure on Activision News

Still no price cuts though

08 Jul 2009

Activision Might Stop Supporting Sony News

Big, big warning shot

19 Jun 2009

Activision: Wii Was Second Class News

Plus: another call for price cuts

10 Mar 2009

Take-Two Courted by New Suitor? News

Plus: iTunes-like service in the works?

11 Jul 2008

Activision Only on Holiday from ESA News

It's not you, it's me

10 Jul 2008

Electronic Arts vs Activision: Fight! News

EA reponds to Activision's criticism of its studio management

06 May 2008

Activision And Vivendi Games Unite To Conquer News

Activision to get

03 Dec 2007

Activision Defends Indie Studios News

They're more disciplined than you'd think

08 Oct 2007

Xbox Doom 3 pushed back until March 2005? News

Activision reschedules after Q2 success

27 Oct 2004

PSP US Launch Still in Danger of Delay? News

Activision talks of June '05 release.

19 Aug 2004

Activision: console price cuts? Not likely News

Sony ‘don’t feel the need’.

28 Mar 2003

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