See How Bobby Kotick Kept his Job as Activision CEO

The votes are in.

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So, while E3 rages on, Activision (which was mainly represented there by Microsof) released the details of the latest shareholder votes on the current board of directors.

CEO Robert - Bobby - Kotick isn't always that popular with gamers due to his desire to make money for his stockholders. So, let's look at how popular he is with stockholders.

In the recent vote, which is carried out in terms of stocks voted not stockholders, Mr K' received 926,701,270 voting shares. A mere 80,939,982 voted against, with 176,809 abstaining. You've got to admit that Mr Kotick is keeping this stockholders happy.

Full board is below with 'For' votes first. The second figure is the For vote minus the Against + Abstain.

Robert A. Kotick: 926,701,270 - 845,584,479
Philippe G. H. Capron: 921,206,467 - 834,594,873
Robert J. Corti: 970,152,927 - 932,487,793
Frédéric R. Crépin: 905,933,886 - 101,682,365 - 804,049,711
Lucian Grainge: 908,686,770 - 809,555,479
Brian G. Kelly: 924,184,237 - 840,550,413
Jean-Bernard Lévy: 856,884,343 - 705,950,625
Robert J. Morgado: 993,552,794 - 979,287,527
Stéphane Roussel: 906,192,974 - 804,567,887
Richard Sarnoff: 996,586,431 - 985,354,801
Régis Turrini: 921,230,598 - 834,643,135

Source: Activision


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