Xbox Doom 3 pushed back until March 2005?

Activision reschedules after Q2 success

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Xbox Doom 3 pushed back until March 2005?
As had previously been hinted by Todd Hollenshead, Doom 3 for Xbox is set to miss its original 2004 release date; with Ron Doornink telling Gamespot that a March 2005 release would be likely.

Indeed, a quick poke around Activision’s latest financial report does indicate this very same thing. And contrasting with id’s typical approach that “it will be ready when it’s ready”, it would seem that the delay isn’t necessarily due to un-readiness. According to Activision chairman and CEO, Robert Kotick, “The change in Activision’s third quarter outlook was based on over performance of its titles in the second quarter [culminating in the company’s best ever Q2 performance], which the company expects will result in a lower likelihood of reorders during the third quarter, and the movement of Doom 3 for the Xbox into the fourth quarter.”

It has also been suggested that the “Resurrection of Evil” Doom 3 PC expansion pack will be shipping at around the same period. The Xbox Doom 3 release date has yet to be made official, but an early 2005 release does seem more plausible than a 2004 one. Regardless of the reasons for the delay, avoiding a clash with the launch of that particular Xbox Bungie FPS can only be a good thing for Activision.

As soon as the release dates are official-ised, read them here.


mrnull 3 Nov 2004 08:45
DOOM 3 pushed back once again! Who saw that coming? I think Activision is holding it back until we all forget about it. Once that happens they'll rename it to Dalo 2 and tripple the sales.
Kaxxx 3 Nov 2004 12:25
Its not suprising really but with the current glut of games coming out over November and December its almost a welcomed relief for the wallet.

With Metroid2, Paper Mario, Halo2 and PES4 but to name a few i dont really mind waiting until march TBH.
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