Kotick: Skylanders Bests Star Wars

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Kotick: Skylanders Bests Star Wars
Activision, despite having a bit of a weak first fiscal quarter (in comparison to, well, itself) is cheering about something that we in the hardcore, specialist gaming world have scoffed at: Spyro and Skylanders and toys.

CEO Robert - Bobby cos it makes me sound cuter - Kotick, has pointed out that: "Based on our internal estimates, we believe that Skylander's toys sales in the first quarter exceeded those of Star Wars, the #1 action figure line."

Yup, Activision's toys are beating the grand-daddy of them all, Star Wars. This is based on the following fact, "Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: 30M+ toys sold, our largest new IP launch."

Source: Activision of course.


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