A $20million Day for Bobby Kotick

Share sales galore make for a happy CEO.

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A $20million Day for Bobby Kotick
As if Activision Blizzard's Modern Warfare 2's sales not only setting records but also causing arguments (more on that later), wasn't enough to cheer CEO Robert - Bobby - Kotick, his salary deal including regular share options will certainly have added to the general joy.

A new SEC document has arrived that shows that on November 11th his options came into play once again. These enable him to get Activision Blizzard at a preferred rate and sell them at the market rate. Standard practice for executives and board members in big companies.

As an example, he got 50,000 shares at $1.0315 and sold 50,000 shares at $11.5107. As you can see from the document, this to-and-fro happened a few times yesterday resulting in a net gain of $20,191,806 and 85 cents before tax and other fees.

The SEC will declare other Acti/Blizz execs options as they happen.


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Ugly pay
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