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EA Head - Core Gamers Fear Change - He Could Be Right News

Yup. Peter Moore says core gamers need to change

02 Jul 2014

EA Comes Clean on Free-to-Play and No More Offline News

WARNING: you can't believe your ears

28 Aug 2013

Peter Moore: Xbox One and PS4 will be 'Spectacular' News

"Consumers are acutely aware that new hardware is coming..." says Peter

24 Jul 2013

E3 2013: EA Claims No 'Aggressive' Lobbying for Xbox One DRM News

Didn't once speak with Microsoft.

12 Jun 2013

EA's Peter Moore Responds to 'Worst Company in America' Poll News

Sounds like a true CEO.

08 Apr 2013

Peter Moore Hits Back at "Smug" Riccitiello Exit Jokes News

Reacts to article listing 'Best Jokes Twitter Has to Offer'.

19 Mar 2013

EA's Peter Moore Issues Non-Denial Denial - Savages Media News

It's been a bad few days for EA's PR face.

07 Mar 2013

Peter Moore; No Feud with EA's "Great Friend" Gabe Newell News

Origin versus Steam goes phony war

16 Aug 2012

Electronic Arts: "FIFA Ultimate Team Could Be As Big As Call Of Duty Elite" News

Peter Moore compares apples to horses...

08 Feb 2012

EA: We Have Taken Share from Modern Warfare 3 News

Peter Moore talks Battlefield vs Modern Warfare

09 Dec 2011

Peter Moore: EA's Origin is Much More than Steam News

Also, EA is a Peer with Facebook, Amazon and Comcast

19 Oct 2011

Peter Moore is Now Chief Operating Officer at EA News

Huge promotion for ex-Microsoft man

05 Aug 2011

Big FIFA Ultimate Team Announcement for GamesCom News

Double-Digit growth for the footy franchise

27 Jul 2011

Moore: FIFA vs PES - Online is the Killer News

Speaks highly of PES team.

14 Oct 2010

EA Sports Plans Mobile Content Integration News

iPhone Apps and Sports Active expansions planned.

02 Mar 2010

Moore: "Wait And See" Approach to OnLive News

EA Sports boss wonders if the technology will take off.

08 Feb 2010

Peter Moore: Games Humour and the Apple iPad News

He hasn't seen it... of course not.

27 Jan 2010

Peter Moore Explodes Dreamcast Death Myth News

Former Sega America President on 'proving the naysayers wrong'.

09 Sep 2009

EA Admits FIFA 'Lost it' to PES News

Also Peter Moore's take on how long discs will last

27 Aug 2009

EA to be Biggest Sports Brand Ever News

It's all about the emotion

13 Aug 2009

President Moore vs President Obama in Wii PR Off! News

Moore throws down gauntlet to most powerful man alive

22 Jun 2009

E3: Peter Moore Calls for "Strut and Swagger" News

Moore's mandate for E3

28 May 2009

EA: Games for Fun not Graphics Whores News

Fun and game-play, say what?

07 May 2009

Electronic Arts' Fit Game is Sweatier than Nintendo's News

Also, it's a brand...

13 Nov 2008

Peter Moore has a Rare Squirm News

Tries to make nice with Microsoft

22 Sep 2008

Peter Moore: Retail Will Have to Fend for Itself News

Downloads threaten traditional retail. EA Sports to move from disc-based games

19 Sep 2008

Peter Moore Blows Lid on PR Handling News

Plus: Xbox 360 Red Ring Didn't Push me Out

18 Sep 2008

Peter Moore: Xbox Hard Drive Killed Us News

Plus: Hard drive killed the Xbox

17 Sep 2008

Former Xbox Exec on Sony and FUD News

Fighting talk from a console wars vet

16 Sep 2008

Peter Moore: I had to Fire a Lot of People News

Plus: Dreamcast paved the way for next-gen

15 Sep 2008

Peter Moore: Wii to Eat Half All Console Sales News

Former Microsoft man disses 360

21 Jul 2008

Moore To Continue "To Assist" At Microsoft News

For a month at least

18 Jul 2007

Sony Boss Wishes Peter Moore ‘The Best of Luck’ News

Of course he does

18 Jul 2007

Microsoft's Moore Defects To Electronic Arts News

Ex-EA man to replace him

18 Jul 2007

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference – Full Report News

A solid, if slightly uninspiring, start to E3 2007

11 Jul 2007

Microsoft Misses Xbox 360 Sales Target News

Will still see profit in 2008

06 Jul 2007

Microsoft Lusts After Your Mum News

Is a 360 price cut on the horizon?

08 Jun 2007

Peter Moore on Rare, Piss-Taking And Monty Python News

And Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Oh, and the NEW Banjo-Kazooie!

18 May 2007

Microsoft's Peter Moore: On Being the Underdog News

'A working class hero is something to be'

16 May 2007

360 Gets Video Content Boost News

New Xbox Live contributors announced

28 Mar 2007

Vista Launched At Gamers News

Hyperbole galore as Microsoft aims at capturing your heart and mind.

30 Jan 2007

CES: Zune To Play Games Within 18 Months News

Could it challenge the DS and PSP?

10 Jan 2007

X06 News Shower: Full Rundown News

TWO new Halo games, new Banjo-Kazooie, hefty 360 exclusives and more.

28 Sep 2006

Xbox 360 Launches in India News

But Peter Moore refuses to show tats.

25 Sep 2006

TGS: Microsoft still Chasing Japan News

360 Christmas game line-up news, plus Pac-Man world championship.

20 Sep 2006

Make Your Own Microsoft Games News

Game development for dummies courtesy of XNA Game Studio Express

14 Aug 2006

Microsoft: We'll Sell 15 million 360s by June '07 News

Still on track to reach 10 million target for 2006

21 Jul 2006

Exclusive: Moore: 'Sony Gave us a Price Cut' News

Xbox 360 pricing likely to remain?

26 Jun 2006

Miyamoto and Spielberg play Wii Sports News

Meanwhile, Moore gets interviewed by Space Ghost.

16 May 2006

Sony Concurs With Microsoft - Wii Will Back up PS3 News

Phil Harrison and Peter Moore - Wii agree.

16 May 2006

Moore: J Allard to Stay at Microsoft News

Ugly rumour quashed.

12 May 2006

Moore Rubbishes PS3 Pricing Strategy News

Consumers will buy Wii plus a 360 instead

11 May 2006

Microsoft - E3 2006 Media Briefing News

Bill Gates, Big Guns, GTA4, Live Anywhere

10 May 2006

Moore: E3 2006 Demos Free to 360 Owners During Show News

Awesome bench-setter from Microsoft

26 Apr 2006

Microsoft Announces Full 360 Spring Line-up News

Plus downloadable content for PGR3, Perfect Dark and Kameo

21 Mar 2006

The Outfit - free online multiplayer demo News

Plus post-launch content dripfeed over Xbox Live

07 Mar 2006

Xbox 360 shortages soon over News

Peter Moore speaks out at DICE

13 Feb 2006

Solo Gaming like Wanking says former EA Boss News

1up play likened to ‘having a Barclays’

10 Feb 2006

Microsoft's Moore hints at Xbox handheld News

Artist's impression inside!

27 Jan 2006

Moore: Halo 3 Not a PlayStation 3 Spoiler News

Oldest rumour ever grinds to halt.

25 Jan 2006

Blu-Ray not ruled out for Xbox 360 – HDMI cable expected News

Moore comments Xbox could go either way.

11 Jan 2006

Moore Promises Free Girlfriend With Every 360 at Muted Japanese Launch! News

The Xbox 360 Japanese launch a resounding success say Microsoft.

12 Dec 2005

Xbox 360 UK: Moore on Availability News

Christmas delivery not guaranteed.

30 Nov 2005

Xbox Live Arcade Set to Rock World News

Distant Nintendo offering dwarfed by MS Megaton downloadable game smash.

14 Oct 2005

PlayStation 3 PC Convergence Continues News

Keyboard and mouse support confirmed.

02 Sep 2005

Xbox 360 Launch Window and Available Titles Explained News

Peter Moore offers most detail to date.

12 Aug 2005

Xbox 360 Launch Line-up Unlikely – PDZ Re-named? News

US retail shows massive launch list – debunked from the top.

11 Aug 2005

Peter Moore Dismisses Threat of Pricey PS3 News

MS marketing honcho preaches populist 360.

05 Aug 2005

Peter Moore: '10 million Xbox 360s possible inside year' News

Bold shipment claims made at London summit.

21 Jun 2005

Xbox 360: Global Pre-E3 TV Outing Confirmed News

New console goes mass market, employs a hobbit.

12 Apr 2005

Halo 2 triumphant Stateside as incredible Japanese apathy bites News

Plus – Fresh obnoxious Peter Moore statement inside!

11 Nov 2004

Gizmondo secures Microsoft games as Moore slams PSP News

AOE and more slated for plucky portable

08 Nov 2004

Xbox 2: Peter Moore suggests more compact, Japan-friendly form News

Has Microsoft learned from its mistakes?

06 Oct 2004

The Microsoft Masterplan - Xbox Truth Emerges - Kutaragi-mocking Shocks Industry News

The unstoppable media-converged communication tool trundles on.

13 May 2004

Microsoft's Peter Moore Slams Japanese Games Scene! News

Hilarious Mahjong gaffe inside.

30 Mar 2004

Microsoft: Xbox will see music and movies on demand News

Peter Moore reveals convergence dream.

19 Sep 2003

X03: Day One on the Big Brother Beach News

Announcements a-plenty but key questions remain unanswered.

17 Sep 2003

Microsoft’s Peter Moore shows alarming naivety News

Keynote speech misses point of social gaming.

20 Jun 2003

Xbox price drop confirmed News

Xbox “number two”, says Moore. You there, at the back - stop sniggering!

10 Apr 2003

Dumptruck full of cash, Peter? News

Don’t mind if I do! - Moore joins Microsoft!

21 Jan 2003

Peter Moore in resignation shocker! News

Fans and industry reel as popular Moore departs in mystery.

20 Jan 2003

Xbox prepares to go Japanese News

Big bad Japanese launch feature inside - Essential reading

19 Feb 2002

Sega-Microsoft merger talks confirmed! News

We've heard plenty from Peter Moore recently. He's an interesting fellow, so here's some more news about him.

28 Nov 2001

Dreamcast price tumbles again. Sega makes it rude not to buy one Stateside News

Yet another price cut Dreamcast in the US. Is Europe next?

13 Aug 2001

Shenmue to remain Dreamcast exclusive News

The game is too specialised to move platform. Straight from the horses mouth.

01 Aug 2001

Sega boss speaks on Sonic in Melee and Nintendo RPG link News

How easy going is this guy? We like his tongue-slippery!

30 Jul 2001

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