Big FIFA Ultimate Team Announcement for GamesCom

Double-Digit growth for the footy franchise

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Big FIFA Ultimate Team Announcement for GamesCom
Peter Moore, the man who is EA Sports, is not pleased with the number of people using FIFA's Ultimate Team component and he's going to do something about it at GamesCom next month.

Speaking to investors yesterday, Peter explained:

"FIFA 12 will launch on 12 platforms this year, and we expect double-digit growth over last year's game.

"Our wildly successful FIFA Ultimate Team digital mode is a big part of our growth forecast. Last year, FIFA 11 Ultimate Team captured 3.3 million players, with a net average revenue per paying user of $51. As impressive as that number is, keep in mind that it represents only 40% of the installed base who actually downloaded this feature.

"Next month at gamescom in Cologne, we will unveil a plan to give FIFA 12 owners 100% access to this mode. I believe Ultimate Team could add as much as $5 of net revenue to every packaged goods unit sold of FIFA 12."

We'll be at GamesCom, reporting right at you!

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PaulRayment 27 Jul 2011 09:22
My money is on mobile apps for it. I enjoyed UT but feel like I reached a peak and then was just grinding against it since the BIG players (Rooney, Tevez, Messi) are so darn expensive you have to spend a lot of real money or play like a robot to get them.
Oli 2 Aug 2011 09:20
@PaulRayment I agree it's fun and friendly as it can be with bronze players but then you realise..fakr i need contracts..that in itself is a total life killer...half the time you find you might as well sell a player and fish around for another with contracts left for the same price..then there's ppl who fix prices on players/contracts and they should be so abundant anyone could thoeretically pay no more then 400 for a gold contract; considering all we really get is 500 pts per playing the game; we need A LOT A LOT ALOT more points for playing a game ; esp online; should be like 1500 and single should be 1000 ...prob before even applying any bonuses and i know what kinda makes it seem silly and like most ppl will buy gold players within a few games but nobody really wants to toil for hours on end to buy contracts or get a decent team and in packs they should make them more expensive but actually have an INFORM worth a bit of coins...anyways game does seem a bit unbalanced in its economy and needs a lot more community feel to it then just bloody ladders & challanges..need more of a hub ; which can integrate searches but also sharing with other "friends" or people in the same country.
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prices of things are so high 12 Aug 2011 01:39
Either decrease price of packs or increase coins per game
Thomas 24 Feb 2012 02:12
Thanks for this post. I dnelfiteiy agree with what you are saying. I've been talking about this topic a lot lately with my father so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!
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