Will Wright

Born: Jan 1960

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Will Wright Impressed With Microsoft's DRM U-Turn News

DRM should not be used at expense of consumers.

26 Jun 2013

Will Wright on SimCity Launch: "Inexcusable" News

Labels problems with "DRM stuff"

07 May 2013

Major New Video Shows Stellar Cast of Game Devs News

Seriously loads and loads of high class and high talent devs in one place.

23 Jul 2012

Will Wright: Games Industry Grows into Play Industry News

Stupid Fun Club ready to roll

08 Oct 2009

Spore Evolves Into Hollywood Movie News

Director of Ice Age and Robots involved.

02 Oct 2009

Will Wright Talks 'Fractal Entertainment Experiences' News

'Entertainment experiences' to go 'fractal'

18 Jun 2009

Will Wright's Stupid Fun News

Focusing on a not-so-new Think Tank

09 Apr 2009

Will Wright: Cloud Won't Affect Development News

But is a "great opportunity"

27 Mar 2009

Anti-Spore Christian Site and EA Advertising News

Anonymous site with EA ads

10 Sep 2008

Spore Design Based on Metacritic Half-Life Score? News

Wright not wrong about hype?

08 Sep 2008

Wright: Spore is a Year Late News

Connection problems

15 Aug 2008

Spore User Creations to be Used in Other Games News

Also: Spore HD documentary on National Geo

15 Aug 2008

EA Goes After Spore Movie News

"loss making Electronic Arts..."

13 Aug 2008

Will Wright Gets His Numbers Wrong - Angers God!? News

Spore fans are not quite as efficient as God.

15 Jul 2008

Will Wright: Failure is Acceptable News

Behaviour of people so lame...

07 Jul 2008

Will Wright: I Distrust Focus Groups News

If a game idea is horrible, he likes it.

04 Jun 2008

Spore: Out 'Later this Year' on PC and Mac! News

Mac users get the Wright stuff.

16 Jan 2008

World of Warcraft's Morhaime for Academy Hall of Fame News

Blizzard CEO joins august company

12 Dec 2007

Spore Confirmed For Wii! News

But what form will it take?

29 Oct 2007

LGF News - Will Wright: BAFTA Lecture Details Inside News

First games designer to nab the coveted BAFTA Fellowship speaks

25 Oct 2007

London Games Festival Kicks Off News

BAVGAs, Byron Review, Videogames Live, Game Career Fair and more

22 Oct 2007

Sims Creator Will Wright Lectures BAFTA News

BAFTA Fellow Will Wright Gives First Annual Lecture

17 Oct 2007

Will Wright – First Gaming Visionary To Receive BAFTA Fellowship News

Sims Creator joins legends such as Hitchcock, Chaplin and Spielberg

11 Oct 2007

Spore Slips To April 2008 News

In other news, world not flat after all

09 May 2007

Will Wright Wants Carebear vs Klingon Wars News

Spore creator talks games as education... plus suggests surreal deathmatch...

14 Mar 2007

Spore Creator On Socially Relevant Gaming News

Will Wright speaks on future project

14 Feb 2007

Girl Gamers And Will Wright Teach The Facts News

And Will is the new Bono...

31 Jan 2007

Sims Comes to Wii and PlayStation 3 News

Fiscal plans reveal life simulator future for next gen.

03 Nov 2006

SPOnG: Exclusive Will Wright Interview News

Wright spills on Spore and more.

10 Aug 2006

Exclusive: Spore Heading to Consoles News

Scale of massive project emerges

02 Aug 2006

Will Wrights talks to Brian Eno News

Room throbs with genius brainwave vibes

29 Jun 2006

Spore – new trailer News

Latest on Will Wright’s masterpiece

02 Jun 2006

Spore Video Footage Leaked News

New details on Will Wright's masterpiece.

08 May 2006

Revolution Hits The Wright Note News

It’s a brilliant pun…

18 Nov 2005

Usual Suspects Rolled Out for E3 Speeches News

Lanning and Molyneux feature.

13 Jan 2004

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