Revolution Hits The Wright Note

It?s a brilliant pun?

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Not this SPOrE...
Not this SPOrE...
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If things go to plan we could all be controlling our Sims with Nintendo?s new magic wand, with series creator Will Wright (see, there?s that pun we mentioned ? pure genius) making some really rather encouraging comments about the console and its control scheme.

?I'm really interested in the Revolution," said Wright, "to see how the controller works out. That looks pretty cool. It looks very interesting to me. I like the idea of taking the games more outside the box and more into that close-body kind of space.?

Of course, Wright is currently working on Spore, the game that focuses on the development of a single cell organism as it attempts to take over the world. Rumour had existed of a Revolution version of the game stemming from reported sightings and friendliness displayed between Wright and Nintendo top brass.


gamereview 19 Nov 2005 04:19
yea i want to see warcraft on revolution that would be the spit
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