London Games Festival Kicks Off

BAVGAs, Byron Review, Videogames Live, Game Career Fair and more

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London Games Festival Kicks Off
Today sees the start of the annual London Games Festival ? a celebration of the videogame industry and gaming culture spanning a number of conferences, screenings, concerts, consumer/trade events and the increasingly high-profile BAFTA videogames awards.

Highlights including tonight?s ?Videogames Live? concert at London?s South Bank, tomorrrow?s BAVGA awards, BAFTA Fellow Will Wright?s talk on Wednesday and Electronic Arts taking over central London for half of the week.

SPOnG will of course be at all of these events and more, reporting on all of the London Games Festival events, which looks to be shaping up to be a bigger and more coherent celebration of the games industry than in past years.

"It is all about beating the drum for the games industry," Paul Jackson, director general, at ELSPA, said of the LGF.

Jackson added that, "the festival itself has a phenomenal spread of events from the BAFTAs to the London Game Career Fair, from huge consumer events to a game that is being designed and produced as the week progresses."

One event SPOnG will not be able to attend is the (privately organised) ELSPA Forum later today, where Psychologist Tanya Byron will be presenting the latest on her government-backed review issues surrounding games, violent media and children.

Rest assured though, even though press are not being invited to this event, SPOnG will be keeping a very close eye on all and any developments relating to the Byron Review. We can only hope that the initiative turns out to be a positive one for gamers and for the games industry in the long term and not an initiative in Gordon Brown punting for cheap party political points by having a pop at ?violent games? to appeal to middle England.

Stay tuned for more from the London Games Festival through the week.


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