Sims Creator Will Wright Lectures BAFTA

BAFTA Fellow Will Wright Gives First Annual Lecture

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Mr. William Wright, BAFTA Fellow
Mr. William Wright, BAFTA Fellow
Next week?s London Games Festival is jam-packed with fun, game-related events and stuff to do. Perhaps the highlight of the London events will be the BAFTA awards next Tuesday evening being held at London?s Battersea Evolution. The UK video games industry will be dressed up to the nines, full of vim and vigour (at least it looked liked Vim last time) and ready to contort itself so it can pat its own back.

Bloody good on it too - let's hope that the video games BAFTAs attracts more critical kudos than ones for the Idiot Box do. Come on! Bloody Ross Kemp on Gangs won a TV BAFTA last time around.

This will be followed by the just-announced, hangover-easing lecture the following day by none other than the recipient of this year's BAFTA Fellowship and creator of The Sims, Mr William Wright (pictured here).

Wright will be presenting the Annual Lecture in the evening next Wednesday, 24 October in the Princess Anne Theatre at BAFTA?s headquarters in Piccadilly.

The subject of the lecture, chosen by Will himself, will be ?Interactive Entertainment - the Oldest Art Form?. The evening will commence at 6pm with a champagne reception.

Wright becomes the first recipient of the Fellowship in this sector, in recognition of his huge creative contribution to the video games industry.

Wright?s next game is of course the highly anticipated Spore in which players get to create their own species and control their evolution, from single-celled micro-organisms swimming around in a primordial soup, to fully realising their galaxy-conquering evolutionary potential.

Of course, if you - like the majority of people in the United Kingdom - don't live in London and can?t get there, you always have Nottingham?s equally enticing GameCity event, where you can hobnob with plenty of those gaming ?luminaries?. More news on that as we get it.



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