Will Wright: Cloud Won't Affect Development

But is a "great opportunity"

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Will Wright
Will Wright
Will Wright, the games development luminary behind The Sims and Spore, has given the idea of Cloud-based, remote gaming his approval but said that it won't affect game development.

?In the future, if people are really browsing these things, it?s a great opportunity?, Wright told VG247 at the Game Developer Conference.

He noted, however, that it won't affect the way he tackles making games. ?No, not really?, he said when asked if the popularity of a cloud-based games platform would change his content. ?With hardware I really don?t care if it?s Xbox, PC or Cloud.?

OnLive raised a few eyebrows when it was revealed earlier in the week. The games platform requires no processing to be done in a player's home thanks to all the work being done by remote server farms. It could potentially bypass retail and make the need for expensive hardware upgrades obsolete.

OnLive isn't the only service looking at Cloud-based gaming, either. Acclaim's Dave Perry has revealed that he is working on similar technology.


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