Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PC

Also known as: 'GTA3: Miami'
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera
Genre: Adventure: Free Roaming / Combat Game

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02 Mar 2007

Grand Theft Auto Star Arrested News

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License. Print. Money.

09 Nov 2006

Scarface to challenge the godfather of crime sims News

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11 Aug 2004

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02 Mar 2004

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23 Jan 2004

Grand Theft Auto Stolen? News

Shock claims from Scottish designer.

19 Dec 2003

More Vice City Protests News

US retail giant bears the brunt of Haitian uproar.

15 Dec 2003

Rockstar on Racist Haitian Claims News

Company breaks silence.

11 Dec 2003

ELSPA and CVG Reveal Your Top 30 Games From the Last 30 Years News

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28 Nov 2003

The Golden short-list Press Release

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24 Oct 2003

Small, predictable, yet welcome Xbox GTA boost News

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14 Oct 2003

The price of Grand Theft Auto? $100 million - murder case continues News

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24 Sep 2003

Grand Theft Auto in court over killings News

Socially irresponsible gaming: the aftermath.

10 Sep 2003

GTA 4 confirmed as PS2 exclusive! Plus: Xbox double pack details News

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08 Sep 2003

Rockstar chief: ‘GTA for PSP likely’ News

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08 Sep 2003

Vice City and GTA 3 finally confirmed for Xbox News

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04 Sep 2003

ECTS Awards News

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29 Aug 2003

Vice City for Xbox this Christmas News

GTA prefix removed, Sony deal side-stepped.

16 Jul 2003

Rockstar makes Grand Theft Auto 4 commitment – PlayStation 3 chatter re-emerges News

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30 May 2003

Washington imposes fines on games that depict violence against police News

Vice City-powered anti-game backlash continues.

22 May 2003

Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City not confirmed for GameCube and Xbox News

Take 2 CEO doesn’t confirm multi-format outings.

30 Apr 2003

Grand Theft Auto: Springfield News

Mission-based driving sees Simpsons joy

28 Apr 2003

GTA 4 PlayStation 3 chatter. Grand Theft Auto heading for GameCube and Xbox? News

Gossip sees PC code rehashed for all-formats as next-gen race heats up

28 Apr 2003

A Criminal Cast News

Vigilante 8 developer's GTA "influenced" game, boasts cast to die for.

22 Apr 2003

Vice City PC details revealed News

Extra features galore.

17 Apr 2003

PC version of Vice City gets a date! News

And we don't mean politically correct, either. Now PC owners can disturb their loved ones.

17 Feb 2003

Vice City award hiccup News

Too violent to be displayed says gallery.

03 Feb 2003

Vice City gets Highbrow design award nomination News

Moral majority outraged.

10 Jan 2003

Vice City in Christmas Number 1 shocker News

World reels as Rockstar shock 'em up proves hugely popular

03 Jan 2003

Games of the Year - PlayStation 2 News

The pick of the pack for the PS2 Gamer!

27 Dec 2002

Vice City slammed! News

One of the strongest diatribes ever seen hits Rockstar smash.

20 Dec 2002

Vice City in the balance down under News

Australian censorship ruling looms.

28 Nov 2002

Staggering Sony hypocrisy as BMX XXX cover-up explained News

Meanwhile, Vice City enjoys its shelf-space.

28 Nov 2002

GTA: Vice City is fastest-selling UK game ever News

A record-breaking quarter of a million units shifted in less than a week.

12 Nov 2002

Rockstar joyrides its way to retail News

Vice City ships!

30 Oct 2002

Rockstar stole my Joystick Press Release

Grand Theft Auto III emerges as the star of the show at today’s Golden Joystick Awards ceremony.

28 Oct 2002

Vice City runs into trouble down under News

Censored version in the works.

11 Oct 2002

And the nominees are... Press Release

The list of official nominations for this year’s Golden Joystick Awards is announced.

17 Sep 2002

Rockstar Games and Sony Music Entertainment announce soundtracks for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Press Release

Seven soundtrack albums to be released simultaneously with the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

09 Sep 2002

Grand Theft Auto Miami and IV Revealed News

More controversy on the way? It's a safe bet.

11 Feb 2002

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