GTA 4 confirmed as PS2 exclusive! Plus: Xbox double pack details

Port info and amazing confirmation inside.

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GTA 4 confirmed as PS2 exclusive! Plus: Xbox double pack details
There has been much speculation over exactly what will be contained within the massively anticipated Xbox Grand Theft Auto Double Pack, due to hit the UK (we believe) before Christmas.

Both versions were believed to be straight ports of the PC outings, though this is not entirely the case. Speaking in a conference call, Rockstar CEO Jeff Lapin said, ?There have been several enhancements to the Xbox version, including a higher polygon model, enhanced audio, spectral lighting, reflection mapping. The game will look better on Xbox with these enhancements. It's not a straight port.? Good news for Xbox owners.

Then speaking on the future of the series, Lapin was surprisingly candid when asked about the next instalment of shock-em-up mega-seller. ?With regard to the exclusivity contract, we've amended our deal with Sony. It will still cover the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series, but beyond that, I'm not at liberty to say. There's still a period of exclusivity for the next instalment on the PlayStation 2, but we can't get into detail on that. However, once that period is over we will be able to release the next instalment on other platforms - if its financially prudent.?

Which it will be. So the series will remain exclusive first on PlayStation 2, surprising news indeed.

Expect everything Grand Theft Auto, right here, as it breaks.


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