Games of the Year - PlayStation 2

The pick of the pack for the PS2 Gamer!

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Weíve heard on the grapevine that Sony is planning a Zimmer frame add-on to its aging console. The PlayStation 2 is the old man of next-gen gaming these days, yet still it provides the most people with the most gaming throughout the world. From temperamental beginnings, plagued with development issues the industry had never before experienced, the PlayStation 2 now dominates the world. And delivers quality gaming in quantity.

So we've taken a look back at the year just gone in Playstation 2 gaming, and what a year it's been... here are the gaes that, for us, have been the ones to cherish. If you haven't got them already, these are what you should be spending that Christmas money on.

In third place we have TimeSplitters 2 from Free Radical Design. Frenetic multiplayer combined with a dedicated, concise single-player mission mode makes this a must for the machine. Standing head and shoulder above the somewhat saturated FPS PlayStation 2 market, enjoying the spiritual Successor to GoldenEye on a Sony machine is a dream come true.

Second place sees Team Sohoís epic piece of developmental madness The Getaway. Gameplay aside, The Getaway has to feature simply due to the massive technical achievement it entails.

Instead of making a themed mock-up of the city, or a mapped quasi-Londonscape, Team Soho decided to truly recreate the capital in its entirety. A team of ten photographers was employed. This team walked the streets of London for two years, recording every street, every lamp-post, every shop, every detail. Thatís a total of twenty man-years in photographing the game world alone; a simply unprecedented investment.

Sony reported that The Getaway cost around £7,000,000 to make. Estimates put the actual cost at closer to £15,000,000. What you really need to understand about The Getaway is that itís not like a normal game. Itís had a staggering amount of money devoted to it, a labour of love that serves as a thank you to PlayStation 2 gamers, following what is likely to be an unrecoverable development spend.

However, this yearís Game of the Year for PS2 has to be Rockstarís Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Although it brought little in terms of gameplay to the table from the where GTA3 left off, Vice Cityís massive popularity means that it simply has to win its section. A powerhouse of a game that captured the imagination of third-generation PlayStation 2 gamers, Vice City represents UK development power at its best.


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