Bioshock - PC

Viewed: 3D First-person
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up / Adventure

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Bioshock to Live On News

2k ain't leaving go of that golden goose too fast.

20 Feb 2014

Art from the BioShock Movie that Never Was News

See the gloomy, grand pics here

17 Jan 2014

Take 2: We Want More Franchises than Grand Theft Auto News

It needs to build more Bioshock and more Red Dead and stop relying on GTA

31 Jul 2013

Bioshock Movie Sabotaged by Fearful Hollywood News

Hollywood would only go a PG-13

15 Feb 2011

BioShock Used To Have Atmospheric Pressure Controls News

Plus four other canned game features.

27 Jan 2010

Levine's New Game To Be Revealed After GDC News

First game under the refreshed Irrational Games studio.

20 Jan 2010

BioWare’s Dr. Ray Muzyka Interview

Cause and (Mass) Effect

02 Dec 2009

New Director Surfaces for BioShock News

28 Weeks Later man Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in talks with Universal

24 Aug 2009

BioShock Novel Approach from Ken Levine News

Book due later this year - Levine Novelising

28 May 2009

Bad Career Choices? Make Bioshock Movie News

Back to pirates for Verbinski?

27 Apr 2009

BioShock PS3 Exclusive Content Dated News

That extended experience...

03 Nov 2008

PlayStation 3: BioShock Goes Gold News

New screens to like

30 Sep 2008

PlayStation 3 BioShock Extends 'Experience' News

Genetically enhanced apparently

19 Aug 2008

Develop 2008: The View From the Pier News

A report from SPOnG's man on the ground

01 Aug 2008

Now Bioshocking Porn and Cutscene Slam News

Porn narrative is the order of the day.

30 Jul 2008

darkSector Developer Assisting on BioShock PS3 News

How many devs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

04 Jul 2008

SecuROM Hobbled in BioShock - Confirmed for Alone in the Dark News

Make your minds up PC publishers!

20 Jun 2008

Xbox 360 to Benefit from PlayStation 3 BioShock News

Totally Confirmed: BioShock for PlayStation 3

28 May 2008

Xbox 360 Exclusive Bioshock Comes to PlayStation News

Confirmed apparently

22 May 2008

BioShock Gets Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Director News

Also Gladiator writer; you can't have it all.

09 May 2008

BioShock 2 Confirmed, Extra GTA IV Episodic Content Coming? News

Take-Two giving downloadable content a big push, or just ambiguous wording?

12 Mar 2008

Unreal Engine 3 Licensed For Mystery Take Two Games News

BioShock sequel on the way?

12 Feb 2008

Games Awards Luck of the DICE News

The 11th annual Interactive Achievement Awards in Vegas have heads nodding.

08 Feb 2008

Take Two: GTA IV in April Clue - Bioshock's Huge Sales News

And...BioShock Sold Two Million!

23 Jan 2008

BioShock Gets New Plasmids and Tonics News

2K releases freebies

05 Dec 2007

Good News For Take-Two News

Analysts drop yet another bollock.

02 Oct 2007

BioShock To Get Sequel News

L.A. Noire slips

11 Sep 2007

The Charts: BioShocking EA Performance News

Medal of Honour: Airborne descends on the Charts

11 Sep 2007

The Charts: Has Tiger Woods Teed Off BioShock? News

Or will it land in the water?

04 Sep 2007

Girl Gamer Does Bioshock Feature

Bitches don’t know ‘bout my plasmids.

03 Sep 2007

BioShock - Played To Death Review

As perfect as technology allows

29 Aug 2007

The Charts: Transformers Gets A (Bio)Shock News

2K releases second fastest 360 title

29 Aug 2007

BioShock Boosts Take Two’s Share Value News

Quelle surprise!

22 Aug 2007

BioShock PC Demo Due Tonight News

Or tomorrow, if you're European

20 Aug 2007

Is BioShock Morally Repugnant? News

Developer opines on moral choices in games inside

16 Aug 2007

BioShock Demo Up On Xbox LIVE News

See what all the fuss is about

13 Aug 2007

BioShock's Ken Levine Interview

Genetically engineered

03 Aug 2007

BioShock Scores A-Team Composer News

Garry Schyman gets wet

17 Jul 2007

BioShock: Fishy New Video Inside News

The environment is your friend

11 Jul 2007

2K Games Sparse E3 Line-Up Inside News

Not the striptease we would have hoped

10 Jul 2007

BioShock Developer: Japanese Hardcore Is Dying News

Plus: gamers are no longer mouth-breathers

05 Jul 2007

Download Game Demos From Min-E3 Via Xbox Live News

Almost like being there. But not quite.

03 Jul 2007

Bioshock Vid: Spooky Wet Girls with Syringes News

A splash behind the scenes

21 Jun 2007

BioShock: Five Creepy New Videos News

Weapons ahoy!

11 Jun 2007

Hydrophobia (PS3/360) Latest Details and Screens News

Blade Interactive spills more on its watery survival adventure

08 May 2007

Microsoft is Not Scared of Commitment News

News from Games for Windows shindig in London

16 Mar 2007

New Bioshock Trailer in Easy-O-Vision News

All the latest and best videogame trailers on the SPOnGtube

06 Mar 2007

BioShock Slips to August News

Summer release increasingly unlikely for Irrational’s masterpiece

01 Mar 2007

The Darkness Preview

One of the weirdest and freakiest games you will ever play

19 Feb 2007

No Multiplayer On Bioshock News

But it's for your own good

22 Jan 2007

New BioShock Screens News

Come take the plunge…

10 Jan 2007

Robbie Bach Talks ‘Live on Windows’ News

More from Microsoft’s CES showing in Vegas

08 Jan 2007

Bioshock Latest – New Trailer and Website Unveiled News

Latest on Irrational Games’ most-wanted title for 2007

18 Dec 2006

BioShock - Hi-Res X06 Trailer News

Underwater, nobody can hear you scream.

03 Oct 2006

2K Announces BioShock as an Exclusive Xbox 360 and Games for Windows title Press Release

Slated for 2007 and developed by Irrational Games, BioShock will forever change the expectations for the first-person shooter.

28 Sep 2006

BioShock comes to PS3: First Screens News

Hardly any shock there then. First stunning screens inside.

19 Sep 2006

BioShock - New 360 Screens Inside News

Latest media from Irrational's underwater bio-thriller.

12 Sep 2006

BioShock Developer Slams Electronic Arts News

Ken Levine claims ‘EA didn't give a shit about System Shock 3’.

31 Jul 2006

BioShock (Xbox 360) Preview

Under water, nobody can hear you scream...

29 Jul 2006

BioShock - Latest Screens News

SPOnG's Game of E3

19 May 2006

Day One In The E3 House News

All the best of the things we've managed to find time to see.

10 May 2006

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