Final Fantasy XI Online (European Version) - PC

Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Adventure: Role Playing

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Server breached...

04 Jun 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Could be this Year News

XIV to be "totally different" to XI

27 Aug 2009

Six Years On - More Final Fantasy XI Content Announced News

Expansions starting in Spring

24 Nov 2008

World of Warcraft and FFXI 'Unplayable' on Vista? News

Teething troubles with two of biggest PC MMOs

30 Jan 2007

Final Fantasy XI on Xbox360 at Leipzig Press Release

Square Enix chooses the Leipzig Games Convention for the European Debut of the Xbox360 version of Final Fantasy XI.

28 Jul 2005

Square Enix pledges Massive E3 Showing: New FFVII, FFXII Confirmed and More! News

Full-on roll-out assured – fanbase overjoyed.

25 Apr 2005

ePassporte and Square Enix Ltd. Announce Co-Promotional Agreement for Final Fantasy XI Press Release

Play online, even if you don't have a credit card.

10 Jan 2005

Intel and Square Enix Collaboration Brings Final Fantasy XI to Mainstream Consumer PCs Press Release

Popular Online Game to run on PCs featuring P4 Processors with Hyper-Threading Technology and Intel 915G Express Chipsets with Integrated Graphics.

17 Sep 2004

Final Fantasy XI European Version launches today! Press Release

Square Enix launches its highly acclaimed MMORPG to a new audience.

16 Sep 2004

Final Fantasy XI Gets its Own Special One-Handed Controller News

FFXI operation getting out of hand

08 Sep 2004

Final Fantasy XI PC version awarded European release date News

Square Enix’s fantastic MMORPG coming PALwards

06 Jul 2004

Final Fantasy XI is here! Press Release

Square Enix to launch new FFXI expansion simultaneously in Japan, North America & Europe.

05 Jul 2004

Final Fantasy Titbits News

Details on Square Enix's RPG onslaught.

21 May 2004

E3 2004: Square Enix Preview News

No surprises but a solid line-up of crowd-pleasers

10 May 2004

New Final Fantasy XI Expansion Announced News

More online goodness... except for Europe.

30 Apr 2004

Final Fantasy XI and PS2 Hard Drive set for Europe! News

Desired for so long, HD now confirmed.

20 Apr 2004

Japanese trademark overload! Banjo for Xbox? New Square Enix game and more inside! News

More goodness from the Tokyo patent office.

03 Feb 2004

Final Fantasy XI ships Stateside News

Europe holds its breath.

29 Oct 2003

Final Fantasy X-2 confirmed for Europe! News

Begin 50/60 Hz prayers!

23 Sep 2003

PlayStation 2 hard drive details revealed News

Pre-installed FFXI, jukebox and photo editor…

18 Sep 2003

US to get PS2 Final Fantasy XI in March 2004 News

Europe waits, then waits some more.

17 Sep 2003

Will Final Fantasy XI ever see the light of day? News

Further US details emerge as Europe still faces wall of silence

12 Aug 2003

New Square-Enix games to be unveiled next week! News

RPG heaven as SE gears up.

04 Jul 2003

Final Fantasy XI beta test in the West begins! News

PlayStation 2 and PC versions get full public test.

14 Apr 2003

Final Fantasy XI TV series in the works News

Ever more online for prodigal son.

15 Jan 2003

Square and Enix back in love News

Turn-based niceness reinstated.

14 Jan 2003

Square peels the lemon. Party scheduled in boardroom for next week News

Final Fantasy XI attracts enough to break even

13 Dec 2002

SquareSoft steps up Final Fantasy XI beta tests News

PC MMORPG goes public.

28 Oct 2002

All-new SquareSoft MMORPG revealed News

Exclusive Wada comments inside.

16 Oct 2002

Auction cheating and lack of solidarity causes Square concern News

Solo gamers troubled by playing together.

10 Jul 2002

Final Fantasy XI PC screens released News

High resolution goodness from Square.

09 Jul 2002

Final Fantasy update News

Sales figures for Europe and FFXI situation clarified

01 Jul 2002

SquareSoft reveals Final Fantasy XI PC min spec News

Accessibility the key for MMORPG.

18 Jun 2002

Square completes Final Fantasy XI upgrade News

PlayOnline. Properly patched

12 Jun 2002

SquareSoft and Nintendo in new row News

They’re at it again!

07 Jun 2002

Final Fantasy XI confirmed for PC News

Want a border-free, full speed Square game? Here you go.

28 May 2002

Final Fantasy XI off to shaky start News

Network issues and supply problems disgruntle crazed gamers.

17 May 2002

PlayStation 2 Broadband units slow FFXI sales News

SquareSoft stays true to its word shipping minimal amounts on new stock.

15 May 2002

Sony unveils first network partners News

It’s happening folks! The PlayStation 2 will be the first online console proper.

16 Apr 2002

Final Fantasy XI Beta Testing Draws to a Close News

Next Square RPG epic reported to be in good 'elf'.

19 Mar 2002

SquareSoft speaks out on Nintendo development: Official statement inside! News

SquareSoft Japan has made the following statement relating to development progress for Nintendo platforms.

14 Mar 2002

Final Fantasy Confirmed for GameCube News

Square/Nintendo partnership yields new development studio.

11 Mar 2002

Final Fantasy XI announcement is, erm, announced! News

Square, true to its word, as ever, has made the promised 'significant announcement' regarding the future of Final Fantasy XI, its debut MMORPG.

25 Feb 2002

Sony President on PlayStation 2 Broadband News

A taste of things to come.

15 Feb 2002

Square to launch credit cards for PlayOnline users News

Free access for devotees planned

08 Feb 2002

More Details of Square’s not-so-Final Fantasy News

Yes, it’s R[ichard]PG time again.

05 Feb 2002

Japanese sceptical on Final Fantasy XI future News

Are people beginning to tire of Final Fantasy? A nation speaks.

10 Jan 2002

Final Fantasy XI job system details emerge News

Plus: PlayOnline payment model confirmed

03 Jan 2002

Final Fantasy XI to be subscription free News

New model for online gaming looms?

28 Dec 2001

Square fingers crossed as PlayOnline recognises the job in hand. News

Plus, Final Fantasy X figures revealed

04 Dec 2001

High-res Final Fantasy XI images debut! News

First decent look at biggest game not around

04 Dec 2001

Final Fantasy XI Confirmed for PC at Long Last News

Speaking to Bloomberg news agency, SquareSoft CFO Yoichi Wada confirmed that development is underway for a PC version of Final Fantasy XI.

28 Nov 2001

SquareSoft begins FFXI mass beta-testing in Japan News

How far behind will you be!?

26 Nov 2001

Incredible Final Fantasy XI details and screens! Race, play system and game world chronicled! News

Square breaks its silence. This is why you love us.

22 Nov 2001

Final Fantasy XI preview disc coming soon! News

Square to delight Japanese RPG fans, disappoints rest

19 Nov 2001

PlayOnline modem revealed – first pics inside News

Bespoke modem premiered

05 Nov 2001

More Final Fantasy XI Goodies News

Eleventh instalment details leak from Squaresoft.

26 Oct 2001

Final Fantasy XI new details News

RPG specifics to delight fans

22 Oct 2001

Sony and Square Bigwigs comment on deal. Take a deep breath and read on News

Full update from Tokyo inside. Do not miss!

10 Oct 2001

PlayOnline goes with HP as Square announced deal News

Hardware sorted as Square gears up

09 Oct 2001

Final Fantasy XI new media and PlayOnline details! Give us a break! News

Everything you need to know. Except when you can play it.

20 Jul 2001

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